Enter the US Sports Betting Industry With Real Bookies

Even if you are a casual sports fan, you are probably well aware about the growing popularity with betting on the games. While offshore sportsbooks as well as sportsbooks based in the US take in the majority of the weekly betting action, there is still a very lucrative way to break into this rapidly expanding industry.

Growing Demand for Private Bookies

Private bookies can provide the same sports betting services as the big commercial books with one major difference. A private bookie can offer an elevated level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the big books could never match.

As the US base of active sports bettors continues to grow at an accelerated pace, the demand for private bookmakers is growing as well. Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for that added level of customer service to further enhance the entire online sports betting experience.

If you have an entrepreneurial flair and a willingness to work hard at your craft, you can enter the US sports betting industry with the help of Real Bookies. This is the premier online bookie services provider in the pay per head industry today.

With more than 20 years’ experience, Real Bookies can provide everything you need to run and manage a successful bookmaking operation made up of a private betting clientele.

Proven Solutions for Private Bookmaking Businesses

Based in Costa Rica as the primary offshore jurisdiction for pay per head bookie services, Real Bookies has been helping bookie agents with their online software needs for more than 20 years.

Sports bookmaking is not the type of business where you can go it alone. You need the proper technology and online gaming software solutions to fully automate your business while having the ability to operate it online.

More importantly, you need access to the proper operating system that can move your business offshore. This will protect your financial investment while also safeguarding any sensitive data tied to your clientele’s online betting account.

Real Bookies has put together a comprehensive weekly bookie services software plan that is turnkey to implement. Staying true to the pay per head business model, you only have to play one, low weekly fee for each of your active betting customers.

This pay as you go plan offers tremendous value with no startup costs and no long-term obligations. To get things started on the right foot, Real Bookies offers an introductory free trial that will let you test drive all the products and services offered.

Starting at around $10 per week, per active player, you will have easy access to everything needed to take sports bets, track and monitor ongoing betting activity, call up individual player positions and produce settlement reports as part of the entire bookmaking process.

You will also have access to sharp betting lines and odds to help build out your betting board. Real Bookies offers professional bookmaking management tools that take all of the guesswork out of the business decision making process.

This lets you capitalize on opportunities ahead of time while eliminating issues that need to be dealt with after the fact. All you need to do is provide the actual players and Real Bookies takes care of everything else.