Expand Today’s Betting Board With Pay Per Head Software Solutions

By now, every private bookie is feeling the pain from a lack of live games for the NBA, NHL and MLB. It is also obvious that live games are not going to be on the board in the foreseeable future. Most international sports leagues have also ground to a halt along with seasonal sporting events.

Bettors were expecting to go right from the NCAA Tournament title game to the opening round of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. You could also throw in professional golf’s Masters as a special betting event for early April.

The best pay per head bookie service’s providers in the world cannot change the current situation. However, they can fully utilize there outsourced betting line services along with in-house sports betting experts to find as many viable betting alternatives to take their place.

A couple easy ways to do this are futures and special props for every major sport. These are good to post in order to build some revenue down the road. However, your focus needs to be on betting options that take place present day. You need options on your board that can generate some immediate weekly cash flow to keep the business going until the situation improves.

Pay Per Head Racebook and Casino Software Solutions

Horse betting through a pay per head racebook software solution has already proven to be a solid alternative to daily sports. Popular tracks such as Gulfstream Park, Tampa Bay Downs and Oaklawn continue to offer daily cards for later in the week and on the weekends.

The pay per head site does all the heavy lifting when it comes to finding every track with live racing that day. All you need to do is promote and market your racebook to your customer base.

Online gambling software reopens the doors to your own casino while most of the land-based venues remain closed. You get to choose which games are offered as well as daily betting limits and caps on winning and losing amounts.

International Sports Leagues

These are still some select games being played internationally for basketball, hockey and baseball. China is slowing bringing back basketball and Russia still has hockey on the board for its Pro League.

Once again, a quality pay per head company does all the digging to find whatever might be out there. They will also grade the results for your betting cliental. This may not be the most favorable option to offer live sports, but at the very least, you are keeping your betting customers engaged with what you do have to offer.

E-sports and Poker Options

Digging even deeper into the betting options pile, E-sports are starting to gain a wider scale of attention from sports-starved fans and bettors alike. The biggest draw so far has been NBA2K in association with Twitch.com. Your customers like to bet on games they can watch. Twitch is a popular video streaming site and they are broadcasting the simulated NBA games on a regular basis.

Poker has always been a very popular card game. From basic video poker machines offering real money stakes to online poker rooms with live dealers, there are ways that your players can try their luck playing online. Talk with your pay per head provider about ways to add poker as another viable stream of revenue and profit.

Any of these alternative betting options is not going to fill the tremendous void that losing live sports created. Yet, something is better than nothing right now. This is an excellent way to put your pay per head site to the test of keeping your betting board active during this current crisis.