FIFA World Cup Knockout Stage: Four Teams We Expect to Go All The Way

The FIFA World Cup has been exciting, with many underdogs showing that they are ready to contest at the highest rank. The group games have been impressive since the nations are bringing their A-game. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best World Cup competitions in many years.

Even though every team has performed at the highest level, some have been exceptional. As a result, these teams can go all the way in the competition. These teams have an incredible chance to win the tournament. However, they must work hard to reach the tournament’s final stages.

As the tournament progresses, we expect these four teams to go all the way in the competition. Let’s get into it without wasting time.


Our top pick for this tournament is Brazil. The Samba Boys have been incredible. The team was convincing from the start. One thing about the squad is that they have enough talented options to help them go far in the competition.

The team’s attacking option is incredible because they have enough players to fill in the spot. Undoubtedly, Brazil will go far in this tournament. They have an incredible team that will be difficult for any team to hold out against Brazil.


The French national team came into this tournament as the defending champions, and since the start, they’ve been beyond impressive. France has the best squad in Europe, and despite coming into the World Cup with many key players injured, France remains the best team in the competition.

They have an impressive record in the group phase, as they became the first soccer team to qualify for the knockout stage after winning their first two matches. France looks unstoppable with a front three of Giroud, Mbappe, and Dembele and Griezmann connecting the attack.


The Spanish team has improved since their drop in form after a dominant era. Spain is currently one of the best teams in the tournament. In their first match, they won 7-0; as a result, their chance to make it into the knockout was sealed.

Spain will go far in this tournament because the youngsters play as a unit and continue pushing for victory. They are an exciting team to watch. We expect Spain to win this competition as one of the top contenders. You can expect the team to win the most matches in this competition.


Although Argentina didn’t start the competition on the right foot, the team still has a solid squad that can take them far in the competition. They are well-structured compared to when they entered the competition in 2018. So, Argentina remains one of our top picks to go all the way in the competition.

We can expect Argentina to do more in the competition, especially with top players like Messi, Lisandro Martinez, Angel Di Maria, and Lautaro Martinez. In that case, this team should make it far in the