Filling the Sports Betting Void With Pay Per Head Betting Lines

The month of April puts college basketball at the top of the list for private bookies running and managing their own independent sportsbook. Following the lull in the NBA created by the annual All-Star break, the race to the postseason really heats up as one of the top betting sports on the board. Depending on your particular bookie operation, the NHL may or may not be a big player in the mix before things start to drop off from there.

Taking advantage of your PPH provider

Too many private bookies make the mistake of not taking advantage of everything your Pay Per Head provider can bring to the table when it comes building out your betting board. By focusing the majority of your effort on football and then basketball while in season, you are leaving quite a bit of money on the table for everything else that your customers can bet on.

Granted, it takes time to build a clientele for secondary betting sports such as hockey and soccer.

However, this is time well spent when you consider how much more bottom-line profit you could take in if you expanded your reach. These sports carry a unique betting base that needs to be marketed to accordingly. With even minimal effort, you should be able to create some added daily and weekly action for both sports.

Where you can really help to fill the betting void is with all the other single events that take place on a regular basis in the realm of sports betting. Your Pay Per Head betting software is designed to create a full-service sportsbook that can complete on the same level playing field against all the big online sportsbooks in the sports betting industry.

You may not even realize that you could be chasing business away from your own customers if they have to turn elsewhere to bet on sporting events that are not on your board. In such a competitive business environment, it does not make business sense to turn down any opportunity to bring in some more action.

A perfect example of this is NASCAR as the most heavily bet motor sports option in the United States. The annual 36-race Cup Series starts off its season with its biggest event. As a private bookie, you cannot ask for anything more than that when it comes to attracting business to your bookmaking services. Even if the Daytona 500 is the only NASCAR action you bring in all year long, it was still worth the effort. More likely is the fact that taking in bets on this race will lead to some long-term action that lasts all the way to mid-November for the championship in Cup Series racing.

Another sport with potential to fill the void is professional golf. Golf is still highly popular as a participation sport for your ideal sports betting target market. Why not offer up some betting lines for each week’s event on the PGA Tour as a way to generate some additional profit.

Betting on a tournament winner is some of the lowest percentage action you can take in.

This, in turn, almost always leads to a very high hold percentage from the actual bets placed. You can expand your board with other betting options such as a Top 5 and Top 10 finish, which are also low percentage bets. The most popular way to bet on golf would be with the use of head-to-head match-up odds. All you need to do is add odds for a few head-to-head marquee match-ups to meet most bettor’s needs.

These are just a few examples of how you can fill the betting void on your board with the help of Pay Per Head betting lines.