Football Betting Events

There is no lack of betting options when it comes to betting on football events. In event football betting you are wagering on such things as what team will win the Super Bowl, what team will win the Arena League title, and what team will win the SEC in college football. With the NFL, NCAA, and Arena League you have many betting event options. It is very important for you being a price per head agent at that you get in contact with your players and let them know all the events they can bet on when it comes to football.

As an agent the name of the game is getting all the juice you can. The more juice you get, in the more bets are made through you, the more money you will make. So getting your players in tune with all the football betting options is vital and betting on football events is just one more way for you to get more juice.


In the NFL the big event betting options deal with what teams will win divisions and conferences and the biggest event overall is, obviously, the Super Bowl. You players can wager on all of these things and one cool betting option is that the odds will change throughout the season. For example, after four games in the NFL season the Giants are 1-3, but you still think they will win the NFC East you can lay some green on them and get good odds since they are not off to a good start. For events betting in football let your players know they don’t have to make those bets before the season begins, but also while it is going on. There are also many betting options when it comes to the NFL Pro Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the biggest event when it comes to football and there are TONS of betting options for it. Sure, there is betting on the game, spread or moneyline, and the total, but there are so many prop bets for the Super Bowl it will make your head spin. From player to team prop bets to crazy ones such as how long the National Anthem will be give your players the info on all the bets they can make, as the more bets they do make the more money you will see in your pocket.

College Football

Just line in the NFL college football has lots of betting events with the biggest being the National Championship. You can obviously wager on that as well as teams to win their conference and what teams will make the BCS top 4. Also, just like in the NFL the odds for event betting will change depending on how that team is doing. For the BCS title game there are also many event prop bets such as which QB will pass for more yards, which RB will have more rushing TD, and what team will score first. The bigger the event the more bets available, which is why when the bigger college events take plays that you get in tune with your players to get them on board so you can get some serious juice.

Arena League

The Arena League does not offer as many football betting options, but if you have a player that likes to wager on football it is beneficial that you let them know those options. From game betting to who will win the championship are betting events for the AFL and if your players are aware of them they are more likely to make wagers, which means the more loot you will see coming your way.

Football is the most popular sport to bet on and because of that you need to jump on that action. With the many event betting options in football for your players there are just as many options for you in taking those bets and making money off of every one. If you have a football bettor you MUST let them know all the different football bets they can make and all of the events that they can wager on.