Football Leagues To Bet On

In football there are not as many leagues as in other sports, such as hockey and basketball, but considering football is the most popular sport it also makes it the most popular sport to bet on. The three football leagues are the NFL, NCAA, and the Arena League. That is also the order for popularity of the three football leagues. With football the most popular betting sport you really have to get in tune with your players since there is so much juice out there. The more betting options your players have the more they can bet and the more they bet the more money you will make.

It is important that you, as a agent, that you make your players happy. One of the ways you can do that is letting them know about the various football leagues and all the betting options that they offer.


The NFL is the most popular football league to bet on and there are many betting options when it comes to the National Football League. From straight bets to totals to futures bets to prop bets NFL betting has it all. For every single game there are lost of bets that players can make and you need to give them this information. The more options they have the more they can, which means more juice for you. In NFL betting there are many betting options for every game and there are even more when it comes to the playoffs and the Super Bowl. This is especially the case for prop bets. The playoffs and Super Bowl have tons of prop bets available and for the Super Bowl they have a lot of crazy ones as well such as how long the National Anthem will be and will the opening coin flip be heads or tails? The NFL is THE league when it comes to football betting with all the wagering options that are available.

NCAA Football

NCAA, college, football is also HUGE and there are many betting options. Pretty much all games have lines and this is not for Division 1. Since there are so many teams throughout the nation you can see there are never a lack of odds for college action. There are many futures bets in NCAA football since there are so many conferences, such as what team will win the ACC or what team will win the BCS title? Prop bets are not as popular in the college game, but they do have them, especially for the bigger Bowl games as well as the BCS games. NCAA football has no lack of betting options and it is key that you let your players know all of them.

The Arena League

While the Arena League is not as popular as the NFL and college overall and in betting terms there is still a lot of wagering action. All games will have spreads and totals and just like the pro and college game there are more bets once the post-season rolls around. If you have players that like betting on football you have to let them know about the betting options for the Arena League so they can get more action and you can get more juice.

Grab the Juice

So this article spelled out the info for the three football leagues. It needs to be repeated that football is the most popular betting sport and because of this there are many many betting possibilities. Your players have to know all of them and the more info they are armed with the more bets they may make. That, in turn, will get your more juice, which is more money in your pocket.