Football Proposition Bets

There is no lack of action in football and the same goes for betting action, as there is a lot of it with the many bets that you can make. One of those betting options are proposition bets or prop bets as they are simply known. As a pay per head client, it is important that you let your players know all the different football bets they can make so you can get as much juice as possible. By you making a percentage of every single bet the more juice you get the more money you will make.

Since you want juice to make money proposition bets are something you MUST let your players know about. The reason is there are TONS of them available for every game. With all the prop betting possibilities it will only increase your chance to make more juice if you get in tune with your players and tell them all their wagering options. This article will show you all about prop bets, as there are two kinds in player prop bets and team prop bets. Basically a prop bet is one that is not affected by the outcome of the game rather the performance of a player or team. You can bet on stats, player vs. player performances and team performances to name just a few.

Here we will look at both player and team prop bets.

Player Football Prop Bets

A football player prop bet is wagering on the performance of a player in a game. A few examples of a player prop bet are will Tom Brady throw Over/Under 4 TD, will Adrian Peterson rush for Over/Under 100 yards, who will have more passing yards in the Packers vs. Patriots game Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, and will James Houston have a sack in the game. As you see you are wagering on player performances and the bet has nothing to do with the overall outcome of the game. So if you make the bet on most passing yards between Brady and Rodgers and you bet on Brady and he passes for more yards, but the Patriots lose you win that bet. Play prop bets are very popular for the NFL and there are not as many for the college game, but they are available, especially for the bigger Bowl games.

Player prop bets for football are for every single game and they are aplenty. There are even more available when the playoffs, and bowl games for college roll around. There are so many player prop bets for the Super Bowl that it is ridiculous. With all the prop betting options the juice is out there for the taking so go get it explaining to your players the many player prop bets that they can make.

Team Football Prop Bets

Just like a player prop you not betting on the outcome of the game, but rather on a team performance. A few examples of a football prop bets are will the Patriots or Packers have more turnovers, will the Cowboys score Over/Under 28 points, which team will score first in a game, and will the Panthers have a safety in the game? for both player and team prop bets there are both even payouts or ones with inflated odds. You are betting on team performances, but, again, not on the outcome of the game, as that does not matter in a football prop bet.

Juice Makes the Money

The juice is the money you get from every bet and you, obviously, want to get as much as possible to pad your wallet. This why you and your players need to know about, and fully understand, all the football betting options such as prop bets. It is pretty simple, as the more bets your players make the more money you will make. You will make money off every bet made regardless if is a winning or losing one. Still, making your players happy is key, as a happy bettor is one that will make more bets. This is why it is vital you give players all the vital information when it comes to prop bets or any other type of football bet for that matter.

Prop bets for football have high juice rates. You can see this on the software at It is a easy job being a agent, but it can be lucrative also if you do it right and letting your players know important betting information is a great way to do just that.