Georgia Loves to Gamble on Sports

Georgia loves to gamble, and they love their beloved Atlanta Braves! Take a back-seat Falcons, but they love you as well and in fact, the NFL is highly bet on in Georgia due to the close proximity of not only the Falcons but the Saints, the Buccaneers, the Jaguars, the Titans, and even the Carolina Panthers… Hey, even Cowboys fans live in Georgia. Where don’t Cowboys fans live? The average household income in the state of Georgia is $56,183 per year, and 5.1% of the working households in Georgia earn more than $200,000 a year. Georgia smells like money, they live for having fun and they love to gamble on anything that a bookie will put a line to.

Retain players with a pay per head—

  • If you have been a bookie for more than a day or two then you know this is not an easy job. You must be all things to all people, and you must be available 24/7. A bookies life is fun when the cash is flowing but awful when in the red. Let’s be honest, sportsbooks can be marginal because sharp players exist.
  • Offer the players options – You can’t sell yourself short and you certainly don’t want to sell your players short. The more betting options you offer the more they are sure to gamble. The more cross action that you have, the better your bottom line will be.
  • Set the best lines and odds. You must be competitive, or you will die quickly. There is one reason and one reason only that your players play with you and it’s not because they like you! Sorry to burst your bubble, they play because they want to beat you. You must set tight lines for you, and for them. Make them think they can beat you and they will play furiously to accomplish just this. When they lose, they double down. Players will not stay with you if your lines are off the beaten path. Find a pay per head that has a great reputation for setting the best lines in the industry but allow you the control to change any line or odds that you see fit.
  • Offer a casino and racebook. You must offer both because both of these important entities bring in loads of cash. The casino is a virtual cash-cow that makes many any -time of day or night. You may find yourself in a jam from time-to-time in the sportsbook, but it’s a guarantee that you will almost never lose in the casino.
  • Horse players are equally important because they are loyal. They may not play a lot of money, but they play it all day, every day. You need horse players, they bring in a streamlined revenue source.
  • Georgia players come strong and they bring a lot of money to the table. They earn big, they play big and they love to bet. The problem for them is the lack of reputable bookies. Corner bookies are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now that gambling is legal, pay per head driven bookmakers are cropping up all over the country and Atlanta holds the cards as the sports gambling juggernaut of the south.
  • Give Georgia bettors a wide range of sports to bet on and they will beat your door down. Again, this business is all about options. You must offer as many sports wagering options as possible along with ways to bet the games.
  • Offer teasers, live lines, reverse action, parlays, round robins and much more.
  • Stay on top of your players. You must know who is beating you and how much they have beaten you out of. The only realistic way of keeping track of the numbers is with a pay per head that offers you the reports. Find a pay per head that offers financial and player reports so that you may set limits if necessary.

Players want fantastic customer service and now you are in a position to offer it with a pay per head. Stop killing yourself, the PPH does all of the work for you. It’s time to enjoy the state of Georgia while earning a six-figure income. Find a free trial offer and test the waters for a month. You will find that your clients love it and so do you!