Getting to Know Real Bookies as Your Pay Per Head Site

As a private bookie, your main objective is to reach and hopefully exceed any of the short-term and long-term financial goals you have set for your business. The bottom line of running and managing your own independent sportsbook is the bottom-line profit you take home on the action you take in.

The primary way to make money as a bookie is to increase the difference between the money plus commission you collect on losing bets and the money you payout on winning ones. This sounds simple enough but the entire online sports betting industry has become far more complex in light of advanced technology and highly sophisticated sports betting software applications.

This why finding the right pay per head site to manage the online operational end of your bookie business is such an important task.

When you sign on with Real Bookies as the top online sport betting software solutions provider in the industry today, you are also gaining the peace of mind that your entire operation is in the best hands possible.

Real Bookies Background

This pay per site can honestly be called an online sports betting pioneer. Back in the days when most private bookies were running the business manually, Real Bookies got its humble start in Costa Rica as part of the fledgling online sports betting industry.

The origins of offshore books were formed with the goal of reaching the US sports betting market online. Real Bookies realized that the same software applications that were developed for that industry could be used to automate a private bookmaker’s business. This was also the origins of DGS as a specialty software developer.

Real Bookies took the basic DGS sports betting platform and added proprietary applications in an effort to offer a customized approach to their pay per head bookie software solutions package. The per head concept was a way to lease the product though a weekly fee based on usage. This way, private bookies would only have to pay for what they use in terms of active betting customers.

This highly innovative pay per head site continues to raise the bar with the products and services they offer. The ultimate goal is to keep bookie agents just like yourself way ahead of the curve as the online sports betting industry continues to evolve.

Real Bookies Unparalleled Business Support

Along with their comprehensive bookie software solutions package, Real Bookies also offers the highest level of business support in the pay per head industry today. From account managers, IT professionals, sports betting subject matter experts and an experienced customer service team, the staff at Real Bookies remains committed to your success.

This team knows that their current and future financial well being is directly tied to the ongoing success of the bookie agents they serve. The high level of experience and expertise in both the sports betting industry as well as in online gambling software applications is a testament to this long history of success. This is just another one of the value-added benefits tied to the low weekly cost of their bookie services.

Few industry experts would disagree that there is quite a bit of money to be made as a private bookie these days. The competitive aspect of the business continues to increase. However, anyone willing to put in the hard work and dedication to the craft will be rewarded. Why not give yourself the best chance to succeed with Real Bookies as the ultimate silent business partner.