Getting Your Bookmaking Business Up and Running With Real Bookies

The progression from avid sports fan to professional bookmaker is not as difficult as you may think. This is especially true in today’s expanding sports betting industry. You have probably read numerous news stories of how fast this market is growing in the US alone.

With more and more states offering both land-based and online sports betting services, the future outlook for private bookies gets brighter and brighter. Granted, there is a higher level of competition in the marketplace. Yet, you can still carve out your own select customer base to run and manage your own private bookmaking business.

The Step-By-Step Bookie Start-up Process

  • Betting Customers

The first step in the process is lining up a few active betting customers. This will be the starting point for future expansion plans.

At this point, any interested sports bettor with money will do. Many established bookies first turned to family and friends to get their start. You can use targeted social media venues and sports betting forums as a way to establish your bookmaking services.

  • Start-Up Cash

Other than a reliable computer system and mobile device, there are no major start-up costs involved in a private bookie business. However, you will need a certain amount of cash on hand to more than cover any weekly action taken in.

A good rule of thumb would be at least two and half times your estimated weekly betting handle. The handle is the total amount of money wagered in any given timeframe.

  • Real Bookies Pay Per Head

The next step is signing on with Real Bookies as your pay per head bookie services provider. Think of this as the operational end of the business. Through the use of specialized sports betting software, this site will process all the online transactions in a safe, secure and reliable manner.

Turning to Real Bookies to handle all the administrative tasks will free up your time to cover the sales and marketing end of the business. Based in Costa Rica, this will also keep your business offshore to comply with all the legalities and regulatory conditions of running your own book.

You bookie business model through Real Bookies covers everything you need to book sports bets online. The cost of these services is based on your active customer base.

For example, if you have 10 active bettors at $10 per head, your weekly cost would be $100. Volume discounts are in place to bring down this cost as your base expands.

Real Bookies also offers a full staff of in-house business support. A dedicated account manager will walk you through the entire start-up process. Once you have set up individual account profiles through the site’s internal operating system, you are ready to start taking bets online.

This site is one of the original pioneers in the pay per head industry. Over the past two decades plus, Real Bookies has helped thousands of independent bookmakers get their start in what can be a very lucrative business opportunity.

You will also have access to an in-house IT staff that can help you establish a highly professional online business presence. Your bookie betting platform can be customized to set yourself apart from the competition. It can also be used as a very powerful online marketing tool to grow and expand your betting base.

Overall business support for you and your customers is provided by Real Bookies’ expert customer service team. This in-house group comes from a sports betting background with vast experience in online gambling software solutions.