Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers the third oldest franchise in all of the National Football League. In small-town Green Bay, the Packers are the only stockholders-owned franchise in the league. Green Bay has a ton of history as members of the National Football League. Let’s take a look at some of the best information regarding the Green, Gold, and White:

Lambeau Field is the Home of the Packers

The Green Bay Packers started playing their football games in Hagmeister Park, back in 1919. They played in 6 other venues before moving to their current home – Lambeau Field. Bellevue Park, City Stadium, Borchert Field, Wisconsin State Fair Park, Marquette Stadium and Milwaukee County Stadium were the venues. Milwaukee County Stadium was where they played for 31 seasons.

Lambeau Field is known by many as the Frozen Tundra, Titletown USA, and the Shrine of Pro Football. Ground was broken on the Stadium back in 1956, and opened less than a year later. The record attendance for Lambeau Field is listed at 70,704. Through the years, there has been plenty of big-time events, especially Packers games.

Lambeau Field is known for the “Lambeau Leap” After a Packers player hits a home run, he leaps into the front row of the stands behind the end zone.

Why the Packers And Who Are They?

This is a very common question: Why are the Packers named the Packers. The story goes back to the early 1900’s when a member of the Press-Gazette in Green Bay gave them the name. The team had their first organizational meeting in 1919, and the team’s original sponsor was the Indian Packing Company. Originally, the newspaper didn’t know an official name and called them the Indians. Then, the next day, the paper referred to them as the Packers. The nickname stuck from that point on.

A few years later, the organization tried to move on from the name as them disassociated themselves with the Acme Packing company, but fans and the newspapers would not let it go. While there are many versions of this story, this is known to be believed as the reason they are termed the Packers.

Historical Records for the Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are in the history book a bunch from their many successful seasons in the league. Heading into 2023 – the Packers were 10 wins away from 800 in the regular season. The Packers have 36 postseason wins. Brett Favre is the top passer, with nearly 62,000 yards. Ahman Green was terrific in his time, with 8,322 rushing yards and 54 touchdowns, while Donald Driver was elite as a receiver, finishing with 61 touchdowns. Mason Crosby is one of the top kickers in all of the game, with just shy of 2,000 career points.

The Packers run in the 60’s was one of the best in all of professional sports. During a nine-year span, Green Bay went 98-30-4 and also went 9-1 in the postseason.

Super Bowl Titles for the Packers

The Green Bay Packers have had a ton of success during their time in professional football. The Packers won 11 NFL Championships before the merger in 1970. Since the merger, Green Bay has won two other Super Bowls, and two during the AFL-NFL days.

Super Bowl I was the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game. The Packers were led by head coach Vince Lombardi, and they won this game easily in Los Angeles. Green Bay scored a touchdown in each of the four quarters and walked away with a 35-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Bart Starr was named the Super Bowl MVP with 250 passing yards and two touchdowns.

The very next season, the Packers did it again. Lombardi won for back-to-back seasons. This time, the game was played in Miami, and once again, Bart Starr was the MVP. Starr, this time completed 13 of 24 passes for 202 yards and a touchdown. The Packers led the game 16-7 at halftime, and cruised to a 33-14 win in front of 75,546 fans.

Green Bay had to wait until Super Bowl XXXI to get their next one. This game was held in the Super Dome in New Orleans. Mike Holmgren was the head coach this time. The Packers scored 27 first-half points to win the game 35-21 over the Patriots. Desmond Howard was the MVP in the game, as he returned a kick-off 99 yards for a touchdown. In the game, he finished with 154 kickoff return yards. This was the very first Super Bowl broadcast by FOX, and 72,301 fans were in attendance.

Then – it was Aaron Rodgers turn. Super Bowl XLV was a thriller between the Packers and Steelers. Two of the most successful franchises in the league. Green Bay got off to a quick start, leading 14-0 after one. The Packers did not cruise, but eventually went on to win the game 31-25 over Mike Tomlin’s team. The Packers and Steelers saw over 100,000 fans in attendance, with Aaron Rodgers coming away with MVP honors with 304 passing yards and 3 touchdowns.

The Packers have won their conference 9 times. The NFL Western was won in 1960, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, and 1967. The NFC was won by the Packers in 1996, 1997, and 2010.

Green Bay has 21 divisional times. The Pacers won four in the NFL West, one in the NFL Central, 4 in the NFC Central, and most recently, 12 in the NFC North.

Green Bay has made the postseason 35 times since 1936. Most recently, since 2001, Green Bay has gone 16 times.

Famous Quarterbacks for the Green Bay Packers

When it comes to the Green Bay Packers, quarterbacks is something they have produced some really talented ones. The names Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Bart Star, Lynn Dickey, Tobin Rote, and Don Majowski are on the top six for passing yards in Packers history.

Favre is first, the signal caller, spent his career from 1992-2007 with the Packers. Favre was outstanding, as he completed more than 5,300 passes for 61.4%. Favre sits at 61,655 passing yards with the Packers, throwing 442 touchdowns and 286 interceptions. And while many loved Brett Favre for what he did – you have Aaron Rodgers and his numbers.

Rodgers, who spent the 2022 season with the Packers, left the organization as the all-time leading quarterback in passing touchdowns. Rodgers threw 475. Amazingly, he threw just 105 interceptions in nearly 7,700 passing attempts.

Starr finished his Packers career with 152 touchdowns and 138 interceptions. Dickey was at 133 touchdowns and 151 interceptions, and Rote had 89 touchdowns and 119 interceptions. Aaron Rodgers numbers shine well above the rest of those guys as Packers greats.

When looking at postseason numbers, Rodgers was the quarterback with the most recent postseason start. Rodgers started 21 games at quarterback, including every season from 2009-2016, they made it. Just before his time was Brett Favre. Favre finished with 22 postseason starts and had a run similar to Rodgers, as he was there every season from 1993-1998 and also from 2001-2004.

Before those two, the numbers thin a bit. Lynn Dickey made two starts, Scott Hunter got 1, Bart Starr is third on the all-time list with 10 starts. Then Arnie Herber made 3, while Cecil Isbell and Irv Comp got just one.

Green Bay Packers Hall of Famers

The Green Bay Packers have the second most players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Packers have 30 players, with 25 of them inducted as Packers. The other 5 spent a little time with the Packers, but went in with a different team. The Packers also have two coaches and executives into the Hall of Fame. The first was Vince Lombardi, the head coach from 1995-1967. He was inducted in 1971. Ron Wolf was the most recent and was inducted in 2015. Wolf was the General Manager for the Packers from 1991-2001.

The first Packers player inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame was halfback Johnny “Blood” McNally. He played during two different stints with the Packers, and went into the Hall of Fame in 1963. Mike Michalske was next, in 1964. The offensive guard played from 1929-1935 and then again in 1937.

The most recent Packers into the Hall of Fame was LeRoy Butler. Butler was a safety with the team from 1990-2001. He finally got into the Hall of Fame in 2022. Before that was Charles Woodson. Woodson, the cornerback for the team from 2006-2012, was finally inducted in 2021. Bobby Dillion, Brett Favre, Jerry Kramer, Dave Robinson, and Reggie White were other guys recently inducted into the Hall of Fame from Green Bay.

Final Green Bay Packers Tidbits

The Denver Broncos are the only team in the NFL that have never won a regular season game at Lambeau Field. Heading into the 2023 season, every Green Bay Packers home game, whether it was preseason or regular season or even playoffs, has been sold out since 1960.