Have You Used All the Reports?

Once you get a pay per head bookie software from RealBookies, you gain access to all reports. This special feature generates information about players and overall operations that can help you track and manage your business.

1.Agent Exposure Reports

It is crucial to understand the risks your business faces in real-time. With an agent exposure report, you can discover how each betting line exposes your finances.

This report is a breakdown of top games, sports, and players and how each exposes you to financial risks. By analyzing this report, you can identify ways to minimize your exposure or correct the effects resulting from risks your business faces.

2.Player Management Reports

These reports focus on players. They help you manage your players based on the information you derive.
You can generate a comprehensive report showing a summary of all your players or generate a player-specific report. The report can include the name of the player, wagered bets, type of sport wagered on, and similar filters.

A bookie can use these reports before implementing various strategies. For example, if you want to know whether you are making profits from offering your services to a specific player, you can generate a report showing the player’s wager history.

The report will show the amount of money the player has wagered, lost, won, and his account balance. You can also find the player’s favorite bet markets.

3.Cash Flow Reports

Your business is all about making money. Therefore, it is vital to have a report showing the cash flow in your business. You need to know how much comes in and goes out in a day, week, or month.

This report can be displayed in several ways. For example, you can use a player filter to get a summary of how much players have wagered, won, or lost. Cash flow reports can focus on all players in general or individual players.

There are many reports your business could use from your pay per head sportsbook software. These tools are designed to help manage your business. Therefore, you should consider generating as many reports as possible.

If this sounds like a confusing process, worry not. RealBookies has the best pay per head software and is designed with the end-user in mind. Therefore, when you start using the report feature, you can quickly tell what the tool will do.

What’s more, an agent at RealBookies can guide you through getting various reports and interpreting them. Launch your sportsbook software and remember to use all your reports to ensure business success.