Have Your Players Used Real Bookies’ Poker?

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The summer months act as a reminder that sports betting is still a seasonal event. Private bookies tend to make most of their money during football season in the fall leading into winter. Basketball remains a strong betting draw through March in the college ranks and into June with the NBA Finals.

By the time the summer really starts to heat up in July and August, daily MLB games are the only big betting draw on the board. If your betting base is big enough, you can probably maintain a weekly sports betting handle to fill the sports betting void. However, any bookie agent running and managing an independent sportsbook can benefit from multiple streams of revenue to help fill in the gaps during slower sports betting months.

Real Bookies Total Online Gaming Package

As a top-rated pay per head bookie software solutions provider, Real Bookies has developed a suite of online gaming software solutions. Online sports betting tops the list as the biggest source of revenue. An online racebook solution opens the door to weekly horse betting revenue. Offering Las Vegas-style slots and table games through your own Real Bookies’ online casino is another proven way to boost your bottom line profits.

One of the latest additions to the Real Bookies’ online gaming software portfolio is poker. While digital poker games are available through the online casino, the stand-alone gaming software for poker gives you the opportunity to open your own online poker room.

Daily tournament play for popular poker games such as Texas Hold’em can offer huge appeal across your entire active betting base. Running and managing your own Real Bookies’ online poker room rounds out your position as a full-service online gaming site.

Playing Online Poker at Real Bookies

Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind Real Bookies got their start back in the mid-1990’s when the first offshore sportsbooks were able to expand their market through the use of an online sports betting platform.

Real Bookies set its sights on creating proprietary software solutions that gave private bookmakers the same opportunity. Over the years’ this same ownership group made heavy investments in its own in-house team of online gaming software IT professionals. The end result was the further development of online gaming software adaptations.

Mirroring the offering of horse betting and casino gambling at commercial online sportsbooks, Real Bookies made both of these online gaming activities part of its weekly pay per head plan. At no extra charge, private bookie agents were able to level the playing field against the big commercial books when it came to online gaming options.

Playing poker online remains a smaller segment of the online gaming industry but it is a profitable revenue stream. Real Bookies recognized the need and developed a gaming software solution to add an online poker room to the mix.

Real Bookies remains one of the few pay per head sites in the online gaming industry with an online poker room software solution as part of its weekly bookie services plan. Everything you need to run and manage your own online poker room is included in the weekly package. You can also market this added gaming attraction directly to your entire customer base through your Real Bookies’ online betting platform.