Here is How Bookies Keep Control of Players

As a private bookie, control is the name of the game. You need the ability to always stay way out in front of the daily and weekly action coming in. This becomes especially important if you are working with a large base of active players.

The starting point for establishing that high level of control is to sign on with a top-rated pay per head bookie services site offering a comprehensive suite of player management software solutions.

The best way to accomplish this goal is through a free trial of any pay per head site’s weekly bookie solutions package. The best sites in the industry are more than happy to let you test drive everything they have to offer. This will let you zero in on the player management tools at your disposal.

Pay Per Head Player Management Basics

When you first sign on with a quality pay per head site, an integral part of the startup process involves setting up individual online account profiles for each one of your betting customers. Working with a dedicated account manager, this task can easily be accomplished the same day you register as a bookie agent.

A player’s online account profile becomes the basis for any player summary reports you choose to run. Home to all of their online account activity, a player’s profile tracks and monitors all of their active wagers and graded results.

Through a player’s profile, you can also set any betting and credit limits you wish to put in place. These limits can also be adjusted as necessary depending on a player’s current activity.

Developing the necessary control over your entire bookmaking operation starts on the player level whether you are working with 10 active bettors or a 1000.

Pay Per Head Player Management Analytics

As mentioned, a player’s individual profile is the basis for tracking and monitoring all of their online betting activity. Specific pay per head player management software solutions have been designed with this task in mind.

Player position reports can be quickly rolled up to uncover any unwanted negative exposure on an individual game or sporting event. A weekly player analysis paints a quick picture of their open bets and graded results.

A pre-settlement report provide a real time snapshot of where each player stands at any specific moment in time. Daily, weekly and monthly settlement statements are the basis for developing your hold percentage on your betting handle.

You have the option to settle your betting accounts whenever you choose. Quality pay per head software will provide real time data for whatever time frame you decide to use.

Player Control Through Real Time Analytics

The only way to develop a strong sense of control over your entire betting base is to eliminate guesswork from the decision making process. Through the use of specific PPH business analytics combined with an interactive online bookie dashboard, you can always stay way out in front of each of your betting customer’s activity.

The best PPH software solutions are highly complex in their design but simple in their use. Access to the reports you need should be easy to obtain. All results should be delivered in real time so you are always working with the most accurate information.

The right pay per head bookie service can provide everything you need to run and manage a successful private bookmaking operation.