Hockey Betting Events At Realbookies

In the sport of hockey there is no lack of hockey event betting. There are many series’ and tournaments that players can wager on and you, as a user, have to let your players know this so they can make bets through you and you make some money. From the NHL to the Euro Leagues and the World Cup to the Olympics event betting in hockey is HUGE. Because of this there are many betting options for events and tournaments, which can mean more juice for you as an agent.

With all the hockey and event betting action for hockey it is advantageous for you to give this info to your players. The more they know what is available to them the more bets they can make, which means the more money you will make.


In the NHL the big event betting options is in the form of series betting as well as betting on the All Star festivities. You can bet on NHL playoff series’, obviously you can do so on the Stanley Cup as well, and let your players know this. They can wager on what team will win a series and they can also make this type of bet while the series is going on, but with changing odds depending on how a team is doing in a series. There are also many prop bets involved in series betting, as you can wager if the Pittsburgh Penguins will win the Stanley Cup Finals over the San Jose Sharks in 4,5,6, or 7 games.

The All Star festivities have a lot of betting action and that is even more of the case with the changes made to the game in 2016. Now there are four teams for all of the NHL divisions playing in a tournament, so there are more betting options. Players that make wagers through you have to know their betting options for the All Star festivities, as you can get some serious juice. There are also many types of prop bets not only for the All Star tournament, but also for the many activities for the NHL All-Star Skills Competition.

European Leagues

Many European countries have hockey leagues and they also have many events and tournaments. There are tournaments in the different teams in Europe and all of the leagues also have tournaments for all the teams in the league in the form of cup tournaments. So, as you can see there are many event betting opportunities across the pond. Get in tune with your players and let them know about the Euro leagues and the event betting options, as there are many of them. The more betting options available to them the more bets that can be placed through you, which means more money in your pocket.

The Biggies

Some of the biggest hockey events come in the international tournaments of the World Cup of Hockey, Olympics, and Ice Hockey World Championships. In the World Cup of Hockey and the Olympics they happen every four years and the Ice Hockey World Championships take place annually. When these events roll around there are an insane amount of betting options available. There are futures bets, prop bets, straight bets, and others to be made on the bigger hockey tournaments and when they roll around let your hockey bettors know, as there are tons of wagers to be made.

All in all, as you can see, there are simply a lot of hockey tournaments and events to wager on. Stay in tune with your players that wager on hockey and let them know all the events and tournaments that they can bet on as well as all of the different kinds of bets that can be made. With all the betting options available it allows you the opportunity to make some real green on the ice with all the juice that is out there for the taking when it comes to hockey betting.