Hockey Leagues Included With Our Software

In hockey there are many different leagues around the world and with that it gives you many betting offerings on the ice. As an agent at it is vital that you not only know your players that bet on hockey, but to let them know all the hockey leagues and betting options available to them. By doing this they, in turn, have more betting options to make and the more they bet the more juice you will get.

An agent will make a percentage of every single bet made no matter if it is winning one or losing one. However, happy bettors are ones that win and it is easier to do so if they know all the hockey betting options to them available and with the many leagues around the world they are a lot.


The NHL may offer the most betting options considering it seen as the top league in the world. In NHL betting there are many different wagering options such as the moneyline bet, totals bet, props bet, and futures bet to just name a few. With every single team playing an 82-game schedule you can see how many different betting angles there are. Games, playoffs, playoffs, props, the NHL has it all when it comes to wagering and not only that, but you can get a ton of juice with NHL betting since your players have so many betting options available to them.

Other North American Pro Leagues

The NHL is not the only game in town when it comes to hockey betting, as there are other leagues such as the IHL and the AHL. They are considered the “minor leagues”, but what can be major is the money that can be made betting on other leagues. There will not be as many prop bets or other types since other leagues in North American are not as popular as the NHL, but there is still a lot of betting action available. If you have a hockey bettor in your fold let them know about these leagues, and others, as there are other betting options. Getting them this information is only advantageous to you since it gives them more options to make more bets, which only puts money in your pocket.

European Leagues

There are many hockey leagues throughout Europe and with all the betting options available for those leagues why not make those available to your players? Some of the bigger Euro leagues, Russia for example, are big and they will have betting odds for not only every game, but for futures, props, and event betting as well. Get your players on board when it comes to European league betting options, as they are plentiful. If you have hockey bettors in your fold and they primarily bet on the NHL give them the 411 on all the wagering opportunities they have for games on the ice across the pond.

The Juice Is Out There

You can see there are many hockey betting options in the leagues that you can bet on and all the betting offerings there are. The name of the game for a agent is getting players to make bets through you. Agents get a percentage of every single bet placed so why not let them know all the leagues they can wager on the world over? While hockey is not as big as football the season is year around with the many leagues. Because of this you have to make your players aware of all the leagues they can bet on, as the juice is out there.

If the juice is out there go get it by letting your players know what is available to them. The more betting options they have the better it is financially for your considering it is more likely they will make more wagers.