Hockey Prop Bets Available At Realbookies

Hockey is full of action on the ice and there is also a lot of betting action with all the different wagers that can be made. As an agent at per head software service, you have to let your players know all of the different hockey bets that can be made. You as well as your players have to not only know all the betting options available, but also understand those bets. In this article we will explain hockey proposition bets or prop bets as they are known. A prop bet for hockey is not affected by the outcome of the game, but you can bet on things like team stats and performances of players.

Hockey prop bets are a way you can get a lot of juice. The more juice you get, in the more bets your players make through you, the more money you will make. There are tons of prop bets available from the NHL to Euro leagues for, pretty much, every single game. There are also more prop bets available for hockey when the playoffs, finals, such as the NHL Stanley Cup, and All Star festivities occur. Because of this you need to let your players know this so you can make some serious green from all the wagers made through you.

There are both hockey player prop bets and team prop bets and let’s take a look at both:

Hockey Player Prop Bets

A player prop bet will be based on the performance of a player in a game. One example of a prop bet would be betting the Over or Under 2.5 points for a player. In this example you can wager on if Sidney Crosby will score over or under 2.5 points in a game. If he goes for three in a game then the over is the winning bet and the under is a losing one. Another example of a player prop bet is betting on which goalie will make more saves in a game. Again the game has no affect on the prop bet, so looking at the first example if you take the under on Crosby scoring 2.5 points and he goes for two you will win the bet even if his team in the Pittsburgh Penguins lose the game.

There are player prop bets for every game and when looking at the NHL every team players 82 games and that is just in the regular season. So you can see there are TONS of prop bets available and get your players in on that action, so you can get a lot of juice.

Hockey Team Prop Bets

Team prop bets are just like player prop bets, as the wager is not affected by the final outcome of the game. Just a couple of team prop bets would be will the New Jersey Devils score Over or Under 2.5 goals or which team in a match up will have more penalty minutes. No matter what happens in a game, meaning the final outcome, you can still win hockey prop bets. They are a solid betting option if you are not comfortable for an outcome bet, moneyline or totals, or simply do not want to wager on the outcome of a hockey game.

It’s All About the Juice

The juice is the term for the money you get from players making bets through you, as you will make a percentage of every single bet made. This is the percentage that your players pay in order to wager with you. No matter if the bet is a winning or losing one you, as the agent, will still be paid. Still, you want to keep your players with you to keep making bets and getting you more juice. Because of this you have to give your players all the pertinent info when it comes to hockey betting options and understanding those options.

Prop bets, as well as hockey series bets, tend to have high juice rates. You can check this out for yourself from the software at The higher juice rates it better for you, which is why it is vital you get your players betting on this option. All in all while it is not easy being a per-head-agent at it can be very lucrative and the more juice you get the fatter your pocket will get.