How Real Bookies Stacks Up Against the Competition

If you are an established private bookie preparing for another season of football, you already know just how important having the right pay per head online sports betting software solutions provider can be to your business’s overall success.

If you are already a Real Bookies pay per head customer, then you already know that you made the best choice possible when it comes to meeting and most likely exceeding any revenue and profit projections.

Real Bookies makes their money on the weekly pay per head fees charged for their bookie software solutions. You make more profit on the sports betting revenue you bring in on a weekly basis with the help of all the important features and benefits included in that low pay per head fee.

Real Bookies Tale of the Tape

Owned and operated by true sports betting professionals with a wealth of online gambling solutions experience, Real Bookies is more than happy to go head-to-head against the competition in a cost vs. benefit evaluation.

You can find this comprehensive comparison at Going head-to-head directly against your top competition can be quite revealing from a strengths and weaknesses standpoint. Real Bookies talked the talk by initiating this comparison and now they have walked the walk based on the results.

Cost Comparisons

In certain situations where both pay per head sites were ranked equal in key features and benefits, Real Bookies created a major point of separation with a much lower cost per head.

A private bookie should never contract a PPH service on price alone to avoid getting bogged down with a cut-rate plan offering a cut-rate service. However, saving even $5 a head over the course of the sports betting calendar year will add up to a substantial amount of money for even a small bookmaking operation.

Free Trial Offer

Further comparisons with their top competition reveals some significant advantages in features and benefits. Real Bookies does not require an upfront deposit that would be applied towards the first few weeks of service. This can be a major plus for bookies working with limited cash flow in the startup process. In fact, this PPH service offers a very generous four-week free trial as one of the best promotional offers in the online sports betting industry.

Their expert customer service team can have your bookie business up and running in a fast and efficient manner. You will then have four full weeks to decide if Real Bookies is right for you. It is a rare occasion that after four weeks of free bookie software solutions an agent does not become a Real Bookies customer for the duration of their bookmaking career.

The Base Plan vs. Cost

In certain situations, a competitor did beat the weekly per head cost with a base plan. Real Bookies also offer a lower price plan for their base offering but there was no comparison between the two. Once again, shopping for online bookie software on price alone can lead to major issues down the road. When comparing side-by-side base plans, you need to closely analyze what you are actually getting for the money you spend.

There are certain features that a private bookie cannot do without. Your goal is to always stay way out in front of the daily, weekly and monthly action coming in. Reacting to negative exposure that you never saw coming is no way to run a business that already has high volatility built into the mix.

Other Competitive Advantages

The overall competitive analysis is quite comprehensive in nature. A few of the key advantages at Real Bookies that surfaced in this study were:

  • A mobile betting platform
  • Live in-game betting
  • Racebook and online casino applications

These were just a few of the major differences between Real Bookies and their biggest competition. The overall edge that this pay per head gives private bookies is wider than you might think.