How Realbookies Can Help You Set Up A White Label SportsBook

What is a White Label Sportsbook?

The sports betting industry in the United States alone generates billions of dollars in revenue every single year. Recent changes in the law has opened the door to states such as New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi and Pennsylvania to join Nevada in offering land-based sportsbooks as part of their casino and race track operations. Offshore sportsbooks in countries such as Antigua and Costa Rica are also in the mix and these operations have been taking action online from US bettors for the past few decades.

While both of these options continue to handle quite a bit of sports betting action on a weekly basis, the private bookie running and managing an independent sportsbook still accounts for more than 60 percent of the total revenue in what continues to be a rapidly expanding sport betting market.

One of the most common ways to run your own bookie operation:

With the help of a Pay Per Head online bookmaking software provider. For one weekly fee that is charged for everyone of your active betting customers, you receive all the business tools you need to facilitate the operational end in a business of this nature.

As the entire sports betting industry continues to evolve, so does the overall business model for running and managing a private bookmaking and operating white label sports betting platform. Over the past few years, a viable alternative to the standard Pay Per Head option has emerged. Known in the industry as a White Label Sportsbook Platform, independent bookies can basically mirror what the big online sportsbooks bring to the table with their elaborate betting sites and create their own sports betting website in a matter of minutes with a PPH provider.

One company leading the way

By utilizing the aforementioned cutting edge technology is Real Bookies. While a big part of its business is still offering quality online sports betting software solutions through a price per head business model, it is also leading the way with White Label Sportsbooks that offer a turn-key solution to booking sports betting action online.

The easiest was to think about a white label solution as opposed to the traditional price per head model is an all-encompassing approach to running a private bookmaking business on a global scale. Real Bookies can provide you with a professional online presence through its PPH services. However, by going with a white label solution, your bookmaking company’s website will be built from the ground up with everything you need specific to your particular business plan.

The Benefits of a White Label Sportsbook

One of the biggest benefits of operating a White Label Sportsbook is flexibility. Whether your goal is to run a full-service online gaming site complete with a racebook for horse betting along with an online casino or just concentrate all of your efforts on sports betting, Real Bookies can develop a product that allows you to meet all of your business goals. Since it is building your online sportsbook from the ground up, you will always have direct input into its overall design.

Another very important benefit of going with the white label solution is the ability to create an extremely high level of is professionalism for all of your online marketing efforts. Your company website will have the look and feel of even the biggest online sportsbook in today’s crowded marketplace. The offshore books have spent a small fortune developing their online sports betting portals. For a fraction of the cost, you can match and, in some cases, exceed everything they have to offer today’s highly sophisticated sports bettor. This is crucial in a business environment that has become extremely competitive in recent years.

The main reason why private bookmakers still control over 60 percent of the sports betting industry hinges on the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the big books simply cannot match. Backing up that edge in service with a high-quality online betting venue such as your own White Label Sportsbook will lay the proper groundwork for a bookie business that can meet all of your financial goals both in the short term and over the long haul.

Moving down the list of benefits a white label solution betting platform can provide, customer support for your business should also rank rather high. Since Real Bookies is building your company website, this will remain your primary point of contact for all of your IT needs. Regular maintenance along with product enhancements are all part of the program for a white label solution. It is like having a business partner that knows the specific intricacies of your bookie business.

Most generic sports betting online applications will take the ‘one size fits all’ approach. This can work for most bookie operations to a certain extent. Given just how important your online presence is to your overall sales and marketing efforts to grow and expand your business, a custom white label approach will separate your bookmaking services from the rest of the pack.

Some of the other benefits a White Label Sportsbook brings to the table include:

  • Search Engine Optimization

Your URL will be optimized for search engine visibility. This includes meta tags for important keywords as well as content headings and other SEO tags.

  • Advanced Security

One of the most important aspects of online sports betting is having every transaction conducted in a safe and secure manner. With the addition of redundant firewalls and content filters working with reverse proxy servers, any cyber-attack will immediately be isolated to protect all data and personal information. This will also help to prevent any disruption in service on a continual basis.

  • Quality Sound and Graphics

To create the look of a leader, your website will be customized to match your specific business needs. This high level of customization includes cutting edge technology when it comes proper function across all browsers. This also translates to proper function on all devices from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

If you believe that a White Label Sportsbook business solution can take your private bookmaking operation to a whole new level, contact Real Bookies today to take the first step in the process. With a design team that comes from an online sports betting background, you can be up and running in a relatively short amount of time at a start-up cost that is much lower than you would expect.