How To Change The Odds In Your Account

How to change lines with our PPH software :

Make sure the feature is requested in our agent support department.  Certain conditions apply.

Login to your agent account and look for the tab agent.

Click on the tab agent lines. Just follow the instructions posted in the page. (New page will pop up in your browser, make sure you have pop-ups enabled.)

Each sport will have a different tab :


PROPOSITIONS (world series odds to win, NFL odds to win, NBA odds to win, world cup odds to win, etc.)

TOURNAMENTS (odds to win, margin of victory, series correct outcome, NBA finals

MVP, tennis winner, season MVP, super bowl props, etc.)

Matchups (boxing, MMA, tennis, player props, golf matchups, etc.)
Also each sport will have their specific league in order to filter where you wish to change the line. The other filters include by period and by order (date or rotation number).

User should know that for each game, the periods will appear in the same page.

Go to the sport that you wish to modify.
Changes can be made to the spread, total, and money line.  To change a spread put a – in front of the favorite to execute the change and click on submit. All halves should be put as 0.5 or whatever is the new change to be submitted.

An underdog should always have a + in front of the number to have the odds change accordingly.

Totals can be changed with the juice. In order to get a different juice in totals or spreads, that has to be requested to the agent support department and ask for the different line types offered or change them manually in the player management screen under each player..

To change money lines, gaps are determined by the line type in the player. If the user needs a wider juice, change both the favorite and the dog. First change the favorite and then put in the value for the underdog with a plus sign to get the change. After all this always click on submit.

If the user needs to hide a game, on the far right corner there is an option to hide the game, spread, total, or money line. Click on one of the options and click on submit to execute the change.

When changes are made the lines will move accordingly to the market offered. If an agent needs to freeze a game, it can be done but under the user discretion that in case of severe injuries the line will post regardless to what the agent moved previously.

To unlink a game from the automatic change just unclick on the follow spread, money lines, or total depending on the case. If the follow spread, money lines, or spread are clicked that means if the line is 1 point higher and the market changes, agent will offer a line 1 point higher than what it’s offered.

For soccer lines, make sure that when changing a 3 way line all lines are moved accordingly. This type of line will offer 3 possible results for soccer.
To look for a specific game click con CTRL+F.

To change lines in baseball the mover will display only the 10 cent baseball lines. If the player has a wide line selected (20 cents) all changes will round up accordingly.
Agent should login as a player to verify that all the changes were made accordingly.
There is a RE-SET LINE button enabled in the line mover to reset the line to what it was. All lines changes will appear in parenthesis in bold letters or digits.

Basic changes when you login for the first time:

When an agent logs in for the first time, first step will be to go to PLAYER MANAGEMENT.
The agent has two choices for the setup of his players, either roll over balances every week or zero out balances every week.  Usually agents have different needs, when they zero out every week this is done Sunday night after most of the action is done.

The roll over balances option is for agents that settle up with players at another time so receipts and disbursements can be made to reflect the money transactions in the player’s end.

Select the first player under player management.

The player menu will appear. Player’s IDs are provided by the system in a random matter. Under the BASIC INFO tab the agent can change the player to appear in the sheet and the password. When any of these changes are made just click on save. It is important to mention that the system is case sensitive so if the password has an upper case that should be used when the players login. There is button to the agent can login as a player, just in case the agent needs to try something in the player’s end or look around.

Right next to BASIC INFO there is a tab called player analysis. Once the player place their bets, the agent has the ability to look at the statistics on the performance of the player. It can be filtered by lifetime, week, year, 6 months, 3 months, one month, and one week. Green letters will exemplify the scenarios when it’s in the agent’s favor.

Red letters will determine the amounts when the players has the edge or has a winning week or month depending on the case. Another key percentage presented here is the hold percentage. To calculate the hold, divide the gross winnings by the gross amount of bets accepted.

The ACCESS tab you can disable or enable a player through the status. After any change just click on SAVE.  If you wish to get the player’s attention, the agent can knock off his online access. Also the agent can choose what they want to offer to the player either sports, casino, horses. The parlay card feature is not offered anymore.

The BALANCE tab is used to make transactions in the players end. If a payment is received just select ADJUST, select the amount, transaction type:

RECEIPT. If a payment is made to an account select ADJUST, select the amount, transaction type:

DISBURSEMENT. When giving a player for a past post bet that was never placed in the system, the agent can make an adjustment. The proper way to do it will be select ADJUST, select the amount (+ or – depending on the case), transaction type ADJUSTMENT. This will affect the lifetime in the player.

The ACCRUAL ADJUSTMENT transaction type is when the current balance will be affected without affecting the win/loss column.

The LIMITS tab can be modified to give a player their credit limit weekly. Usually agents give a certain amount of funds to be used for gambling in the site. This amount will always remain there unless the credit limit is modified. This credit limit is given by the agent on a weekly matter. Any change on the LIMITS tab should be followed by the SAVE button.

The SETTLED FIGURE tab works as an amount that will make the balance run until that amount selected. This is only if the zero out weekly option is clicked in the agent’s configuration.

TEMPORARY CREDIT is an amount an agent will wish to grant a player without modifying the permanent credit limit. This has an expiring date just in case the agent forgets to change the credit limit. The minimum and maximum amount should be determined for the agent’s interests. That amount should reflect the maximum wager allowed in the player’s limits. The tab that only says
MAX WAGER and MIN WAGER is when the player calls into the wagering room and places bets over the phone.

OPEN BETS are the pending wagers for the specific player.

WEEKLY BALANCE will reflect the winnings and losses of the specific player.

PLAYER PROFILE: The player profile establishes what Parlay and teaser settings you would like to assign to your players, such as the max number of teams.  The default profile is 10C/6P/6T/3ST.  10C is 10cent, 6P is 6 team parlay max, 6T is 6 team teaser max and 3ST is 3 team special teaser. To change a players profile you will first need to select the player from the player management List.

Once you have selected the desired player, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the “PROFILES” feature. Select the profile that you would like to assign to that player and Click save. There will be some things that can only be modified by speaking with one of our agent support representatives, such as max payout for parlay’s, open spots, max risk amount and max amount off dogs in a parlay. If you need to change any of those settings for your players you can call the agent support department and they will gladly help you with your request.

The PROFILE LIMITS feature is a base of limits for the different sports categories. It establishes a max wager amount for each sport and wager type. The profile limit can be changed by first clicking on “player management”, you then select the player and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

There you will see the Profile Limits feature with a brief description of what that specific limit offers. Simply select the profile limit that best suits your player and click save. It is important to remember that the system will always apply the lower limit. If you have a player with the $5k max profile limit and an online max wager amount of $300, the system applies the $300 max limit. On the other hand if your player has a profile limit of $1k max and an online max wager amount of $5000, the system applies the $1000 max limit.

The line types are offered to the agent to have options on the lines types offered. Select the one that suits the agent the most.

To delete a wager please select the tab WAGERS, select OPEN BETS, in open bets the information can be filtered by wager type, sport, or player ID. Select the bet to be voided and click on the garbage can. This will be confirmed with agent password.
Please make sure the information displayed in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS is read to give the agent an overview of what it is offered.