How to Turn a Small Sports Bookie Business into a Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Every private bookie business starts out small. You find a few interested sports betting customers and you start booking their bets.

This sounds simple enough. All you need is some start up cash to more than cover the weekly action you plan to take in. You can use some rudimentary accounting program to track all the bets. However, if you are truly serious about running your own bookie business, this simplistic approach will only take you so far.

What are Pay Per Head Bookie Services?

The basic business model behind a pay per head sportsbook is leasing the proper software solutions to run and manage a bookmaking operation. You pay a small weekly fee for each active player your represent. In return, you will have access to a comprehensive software system that can fully automate your bookie business while operating it online.

There are no added start-up costs. Both the pay per head internal operating system and suite of software tools are included in your weekly per head customer fees. If one of your customers takes a week off from active betting, you do not have to pay their usual weekly fee.

When you take into consideration that the average weekly per head fee is around $10, there is no better deal going to grow and expand your small sports bookie business into a full-service independent sportsbook.

Most of today’s top-rated PPH plans include the necessary software solutions to also run your own online racebook for horse betting and online casino filled with Las Vegas-style slots and table games.

The various online gaming options offered is entirely up to you as the bookie agent. This is just another good example of how a quality PPH service can help you run and manage a very successful online gaming site.

The Biggest Benefit of Pay Per Head Bookie Services

The top-rated pay per head sites in the online sports betting industry are located in Costa Rica. This gives you the opportunity to move your bookie operation offshore as well.

Every daily online transaction runs through their operating system. This is vital to protecting your business interests in jurisdictions that require a local gaming license. You are in place the bookie agent. Your business has contacted an offshore pay per head site as the actual operating sportsbook.

Running your business offshore also protects the privacy and anonymity of your active betting customers. That fact alone becomes one of the biggest points of difference between your bookmaking business and the big commercial sportsbooks you still have to compete against to a certain extent.

The other big point of difference between your business and the big commercial books is your higher level of customer service. The best PPH sites utilize their own in-house customer service teams as part of their overall business support program.

Grow Your Bookie Business at Your Own Pace With Pay Per Head

The best pay per head sites in today’s marketplace do not have any minimums attached to utilizing their weekly plans. However, many will other quantity discounts on your weekly fee based on how many active customers you have.

This gives you the chance to grow and expand your business at your own pace. Some private bookies choose to maintain a very small base of high volume players. This keeps your weekly handle and hold on that volume high while keeping your pay per head costs low.