Idaho | A Surprising Hot Spot for Bookies

Unbelievably, Boise, Idaho has become one of the nations hot spots for sports gambling and this activity can be attributed to the recent success of the Boise State Broncos. More than 20-years ago the Broncos were virtually unknow to anybody outside of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Boise sits in what’s known as the “Treasure Valley” region of Southern Idaho. It is 30-miles east of the Oregon Border and close to 150-miles north of the Nevada border. Idaho borders Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Montana, and Canada. Idaho is a sports lovers paradise with thousands of lakes and rivers that provide game fishing and whitewater rafting. Snow skiing, water skiing, and big game hunting are all sought after activities. As a result, Idaho is filled with a population that loves sports in general. Idahoans not only love to play sports, they love to gamble on sports.

In 2007, the Boise State Broncos football team beat the Oklahoma Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl. It was and still is thought to be the biggest upset in the history of NCAA A1 FB. The Broncos maintained what they built that year and they have been a powerhouse in the following years. They are always in the top-25 and often in the top-10.

You must know one thing about Boise; they love their Broncos. Idahoans don’t have major league sports. They do boast a minor league baseball team along with a minor league hockey team. The Boise area combined with Caldwell and Nampa is close to 500,000 in population. The great news; Californians have flocked to Boise for the quality of life. Boise is low-cost, but not low rent. It’s a city without most of the urban problems. People love Boise and they love betting on sports. The Broncos have brought an entire culture of sports fans to the area and now is a better time than any to start a fantastic online bookie service with a pay per head and take full advantage of what is quickly becoming a cash cow.

A Pay Per Head Offers an Instant Online Presence—

  • The world has change enormously over the last 20-years and most of the changes have been great, some not so great but change is an inevitable part of life and it’s certainly a part of sports gambling. If you are a bookie on any level, then you must absolutely embrace the technological changes that have come down the pike. If you are not online then you need to be, and you must be in order to see your maximum income potential. We will never advise you that you must be online in order to build a client base it certainly helps and over time you will grow through this forum, however, you must be online in order to keep your existing clients. They want to gamble 24/7, offer an online presence, and they will do so.
  • With a pay per head you get bookie software for around $10 per head. That’s $10 per each active player, per week. If they place at least on wager, you pay, if they don’t gamble, you don’t pay. They may place as many bets as they like for the same, one-time fee per week.
  • The pay per head does all of the work for you. You basically do nothing. The pay per head is the bookie. What happens is this; after you sign-up, you assign your players a pin number and you enter them into the system. They are now active. When you get new players you do this same process, it takes 10-minutes or less. The software is user-friendly and boils down to your ability to click the mouse!

The beauty of opening a pay per head in Idaho is the sheer volume of players that want to stop driving to the Nevada border to get their weekly bets in! This really happens and it happens on a large scale. The nearest sportsbook to Boise is a border town called “Jackpot”, Nevada. Bettors flock to this location on the weekends. The nearest big city in Idaho to Jackpot is Twin Falls – (90 minutes from Boise). Find a great PPH provider today and have your players playing today. It’s that simple. The best part is you can do all of this for a 4-week 100% free trial. Give it a try and start earning what you’re worth.