Improve Your Competitive Edge With Real Bookies Pay Per Head

Just about every private bookie understands how a top-rated pay per head service such as Real Bookies can automate the process of running and managing a independent book making business online.

This particular bookie services site utilizes an advanced internal operating system that guarantees to process every single daily online transaction in a safe, secure and reliable manner.

In business for more than 20 years, Real Bookies continues to make the necessary investments in the latest sports betting industry technology and sophisticated software solutions. This site would rival the biggest commercial offshore sportsbooks when it comes to the operating system they are using to power their online betting sites.

What most private bookies do not realize is all the other ways a site such as Real Bookies can add even more value to the low weekly per head fees charged for active betting customers.

Understanding the Bookie’s Edge

To better understand what Real Bookies can do for your bookie business, you first have to understand your true edge against the competition.

Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for a higher level of customer service. They are also looking for the added personal touch when it comes to their online betting account. These players are smart and they also know that the level of service you can provide, the big commercial online books can never match.

You need to use this edge to your full advantage when it comes to building and growing your customer base. One of the best aspects of running your own independent book is the ability to pick and choose who you decide to work with.

Enhance That Edge With Real Bookies

You can build a customer base that best suits your business needs. Best of all, Real Bookies can help you do this.

One of the most powerful marketing tools besides word of mouth these days is a highly professional online business presence. Since the majority of sports bets are placed online, it is vitally important that your sports betting platform reflects the professional edge you bring to the table.

Players want to feel confident that they are working with a bookie service that is fully up to speed with today’s online marketplace. This includes an advanced mobile betting platform for placing bets on the go.

Real Bookies has you covered when it comes to the online tools needed to market your bookie business. This site also backs this up with a first-class customer service team that comes from a sports betting background. The whole in-house staff at Real Bookies is at your disposal as part of the per head fees you pay. This creates one of the highest levels of business support in the pay per head industry.

Real Bookies Individual Account Profiles

One of the first steps to taking your business online with Real Bookies is setting up an individual online profile for each of your betting customers. This is where you can set up customized levels of control such as betting and credit limits.

These individual profiles are also the basis for every business report covering the daily and weekly betting action coming in. By working from the individual account level up, you will be able to create that extremely high level of customer service and attention to detail that separates you from your competition.