Indiana: From Colts fans to Pacers fans | A state that Loves to Bet

The state of Indiana has a rich history when it comes to the world of professional and collegiate sports. Not only are there sports teams that players love to bet on but a plethora of star athletes and coaches to boot. Many of them are still in the game and many have passed the torch such as Larry Bird, Bon Knight, Peyton Manning, Reggie Miller, Don Mattingly, Joe Montana, and many countless others.

The state is rich in tradition with basketball and football and not only does Indianapolis have the Colts and the Pacers, the state has IU, Purdue, Notre Dame, Ball State, Indiana State, Butler, IUPUI, Evansville, and many lesser-known but highly valuable to gamblers and bookies alike – schools.

If Indiana itself doesn’t have enough action guess what? The city of Chicago is a short 4-hour drive from Indianapolis. We all know the endless possibilities that Chicago offers the sports gambler, the possibilities are endless. Still looking for more? What about the nearby state of Ohio? They have 8 NCAA Division I schools and if that’s not enough, what about the bordering states of Michigan and Kentucky to the south? Kentucky is a basketball mecca. The state is crazy for college basketball as well as football. The sports gambling fans in Indiana have a lot of choices between Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, and even Wisconsin and Missouri. There is simply never a shortage of options and they are wide-ranging one at that.

We could say the Bloomington is the basketball capital but that may not be true anymore with Purdue in such close proximity. IU certainly has a huge fan base and these folks are some of the craziest and most loyal fans anybody will ever find.

Bookies: Fans want to gamble, and Indiana needs online bookmakers—

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