Iowa’s Becoming a Bookie Hot Spot

The state of Iowa is hot, and it matters not that winter is here. For all of you from Iowa or anybody that has ever been to Iowa in the wintertime, you know exactly how cold it can get, but there is much more that Iowa offers than just cold winters! The state of Iowa is indeed a hot spot for sports gambling. This landlocked state is rich in collegiate sports, it’s rich in pro sports lovers and it’s filled with large metro areas with folks that love to gamble.

  • Football, wrestling, and politics dominate the state of Iowa! We don’t care about the politics, but we do care that you know what a ripe opportunity this state is for independent bookmakers. With 15 cities scattered across the state at a population of 35,000 or more, you can know that there is never a shortage of gamblers.
  • The state loves their sports teams and they love to get away on the weekends to Vegas so they can gamble on those teams! Now, they don’t have to do that. Online gambling is legal, and let’s face the facts, it was never really illegal. Who has ever been arrested for gambling on the Knicks? Well, let’s back up – maybe anybody that bets on the Knicks should be arrested, or in your case, the bookie, you want a lot of people betting on the Knicks!
  • Lighten up bookies – It’s a small attempt at humor. We love the Knicks and they will get better! We hope… Anyhow, off to bigger and better things.
  • Iowa is a state that is situated perfectly for sports gambling. All around the state, there are numerous betting opportunities and where those opportunities exist, you can count on gamblers.
  • To the north of Des Moines, you have Minneapolis, straight east of Des Moines you have Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison. To the near south you have Kansas City, and a little further on you have St. Louis. The point is, the entire state is surrounded by big-time sports venues and that means a plethora of sports gamblers.
  • Iowa is a cash cow for gambling and there has never been a better time than now to find a great pay per head and get in on this boon.
  • The pay per head industry has made the life of bookies much better. What they invented over 20-years ago was much more than bookie software, it’s software that changed lives and Is changing lives.
  • The PPH providers have rolled the online sportsbook, the racebook, and the casino into one turnkey offer. They offer a package deal for around $7 per head. What this gives you is a FREE opportunity to place your business online.
  • You must be online with your business if you want any level of real success. The “big boys” of the online sportsbook world are the “big boys” because years ago they made the commitment to find an online presence.
  • Anybody that’s anybody, is online with their business and what this has created is a fierce environment of competition.
  • Let’s make this very clear – you are not competing with the “big boys” and your goal as a bookie should never be to compete with them. You must have an online presence in order to keep the faithful clients that you already have.
  • Your clients know what’s up in this world and they know there are other fish in the sea. The thing is this – they want to be loyal to you. Many of your clients may be friends, they may be people that you work with or have possibly known sins high school or college days. They will never tell you they are cheating! Nope, this is not going to happen, they are too nice. They will simply use the other bookies when you are not available to take their call.
  • Who needs this? You certainly don’t. With an online presence you are available to your clients 24/7 and now they have no excuse. Let’s put it this way; they have much less of an excuse. Gamblers will always be gamblers and with that comes “roaming”. You will never get 100% loyalty from 100% of your clients but you can put your best foot forward.

Iowa bookies, the time is now to call the PPH provider and ask for the 4-week free trial. You have nothing to lose and if you decide this PPH gig is not for you, then no hard feelings. Make the call today and start earning a great income.