Is Your Pay Per Head Service Ready For The Return of Major Betting Sports?

The entire sports betting industry took a beating the past few months with the coronavirus shutting down major betting sports. Everything came to a sudden halt in mid-March and the NBA, NHL and MLB have been patiently waiting for a chance to resume play.

All three of these major betting sports have plans in place for live games by the end of July. Opening Day for the 2020 MLB season covers July 23 and July 24. The eight-game regular season NBA schedule before the playoffs begin tips off on Thursday, July 30. The NHL has plans to be back on the ice by the end of the month or early August.

Private bookies have been living off live action for NASCAR, the PGA Tour and European soccer along with boxing matches and UFC fights. E-sports, SIMs games and obscure basketball and baseball leagues overseas have also been in the mix.

The only consistent action on the board since March has been horse racing. All the major tracks holding a summer meet are offering daily race cards.

Making a decent living off your betting board the past four months has been a real challenge. Doing it with a substandard pay per head site has made this just about impossible to accomplish.

Trading Up for Quality Bookie Services

If you have had issues with your existing PPH service over the past few months, there is absolutely no reason to stick with this site. That situation is likely to worsen in the coming months given all the financial hurdles these sites will continue to face.

Now is the time to sign on with a quality pay per head service. Every business tied to the sports betting industry has felt the sting from the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, the top-rated pay per head sites had the financial resources to weather the storm. These same sites now find themselves in excellent position to take full advantage of major sports betting’s return.

As a private bookie, you need to have the proper recovery plan in place to rebuild weekly revenue and net profit. The first step in that plan should be to align your bookmaking business with a bookie services provider that can help you achieve your goals.

What this does not mean is paying more in your weekly per head fees. Many of the top-rated PPH services offer an affordable weekly per head fee that might actually be less than what you were paying with your current site. The ultimate win-win is trading up your bookie services package while adding genuine value to the weekly fees paid.

Making The Most of Quality Bookie Services

Finding a quality pay per head site that more than earns its weekly fees is actually easy to do. By taking the time to perform the proper due diligence, the ‘best of the best’ will naturally rise to the top of the list.

Making the most of your new PPH site is a whole other story. It is still going to take hard work and true dedication to your craft to rebuild your bookie business. This involves taking full advantage of everything your new and improved bookie services provider has to offer.

This covers live in-game wagers and live-dealer casino table games. It also entails running an extended racebook for horse betting covering every track with a live daily card. Working side by side with a quality PPH service can create multiple streams of revenue that will translate into increased bottom-line profit.