It Makes Sense to Get Add Ons

How do you feel about having a money-making feature on your pay per head sportsbook software? Usually, you will only get standard bookie software from any provider.

However, RealBookies has added several add-ons to help with your revenue generation. This article covers three add-ons from RealBookies and the reasons you should activate them.

Live Dynamic 1

Live in-game betting has become a trend. In fact, if you do not offer bets on ongoing games, you are losing a lot of money.

In line with that, RealBookies has a Live Dynamic 1 feature that improves the live betting experience. It will cost you $5 per player to activate this feature.

Live Dynamic 1 comes with several functionalities. For example, it has a game cast that players can use to view action and wager in real-time.

Activating this add-on creates several possibilities to wager on. For example, players can wager on which team to win the next period, quarter, or inning. Ideally, players can wager on what might happen during a specified time frame.

Live Dynamic 2

This is one of the latest innovations from RealBookies. It has similar functions as Live Dynamic 1 in addition to several new features.

The feature has a different look from Live Dynamic 1. It also has a live streaming feature allowing players to watch a game and wager in real-time. The tool also has a game cast function allowing players to view games they cannot stream and wager on.

Live Dynamic 2 is also cheaper than Live Dynamic 1. With $3.50 per player every week, your players can stream games and wager on hundreds of possibilities.

Prop Builder

Prop builder is a tool allowing players to build their props. Each of your clients has specific needs. They can build their preferred prop bets based on what they feel is more exciting to wager on.

Players can customize prop bets for popular sports like football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and hockey. Apart from that, they can create prop lines for teams and players and have different bet types, including head-to-head and trios.

Activating this feature will only cost you $2 per player every week. Meanwhile, you can expect to increase your hold percentage by 15 percent.

Players are likely to spend more when a bookie improves his service by adding more features to improve their experience. For example, a player might want to place a live in-game bet while still at work. If you provide live streaming, players can conveniently watch a game and place bets.

Ideally, having these add-ons will increase your overall revenue. These add-ons improve players’ experience and encourage more betting, ultimately growing your income.