Kentucky: A Bookies Moneymaker

The state of Kentucky is famous for many things and basketball must be near the top of the list. The Kentucky Wildcats put out not only NBAers, but they also put out great NBA players and a lot of them. Kentucky may have a legitimate fight when they say they are the “basketball Mecca” and not North Carolina. We must give props to North Carolina, (and Indiana) they are what they are, and those two have put out not only its share of players but many hall of famers such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and James Worthy to name a few. Everybody grows up loving sports in Kentucky from baseball to Louisville football, to the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. Some of the biggest names in coaching have been associated with the state of Kentucky such as Pitino and Calipari. Kentucky is non-stop sports madness from the famed Kentucky Derby and much more. If you are a bookie on any level, then you must take advantage of what Kentucky has to offer you and you must put your best foot forward with a pay per head.

Kentucky may not be thought of as a big-city state, however, a few of the cities they do have are good sized places that have the population base to support a large share of independent bookies. This state needs bookies and the folks want to gamble. Kentucky fans are unlike other fans, these people are smart, educated and knowledgeable fans that not only love to bet on their team, but they simply love to gamble.

Top Ten Largest Cities in Kentucky—

Louisville 623,349

Lexington 321,959

Bowling Green 67,067

Owensboro 59,404

Covington 40,455

Richmond 35,397

Georgetown 33,660

Florence 32,305

Hopkinsville 30,789

Nicholasville 30,553

Why a Pay Per Head—

  • Bookies are struggling to find themselves in a competitive market and it matters not where they may be located. Whether you live in Brooklyn, LA, Chicago, Detroit, or Boise—You must find an identity and you must be accessible to players that want to spend money betting against you. You must be online with an online sportsbook.
  • Kentucky is the perfect place for a bookie to operate under the blanket of a pay per head for a few reasons – the main reason would be the existence of gambling now. The online sportsbooks have untold thousands of clients from the state of Kentucky and there is more than a couple of reason for this as well. Basketball would be the number one draw, however, there is much more for bettors to be involved in than simply basketball.
  • Think of the many states that share a border with Kentucky. Kentucky borders 7-states that includes West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. This is a long list of great sports states that have umpteen thousands of daily betting options. For this reason, the online bookies are swamped with Kentucky bettors.
  • Now, you have the opportunity to jump into the fray and scoop up on the cash cow. The pay per head industry has opened its market to Kentucky. The bookie software has been developed for anyone that desires to accept a wager and take on betting clients. You are asked for nothing up-front, no deposit, no earnest money, not even a PPH fee.
  • What the PPH providers have done is to combine the sportsbook, casino, and racebook into one turnkey operation. You will have complete access to all three and your client can start gambling with you in a day or so. The process is quick and easy and is designed to be user-friendly, with a top-notch user interface.
  • The PPH providers understand that you will want to custom-build your website, (they do this for you and it’s 100% free). You get a full-on sportsbook, racebook, and casino for free of charge.
  • The PPH does all of the heavy liftings for you. They organize daily events as well as set the lines and odds. You will always have on-demand access to players and financial reports. You get it all for around $7 per head.

The fact of the matter is this – as an independent bookmaker, you need all of the help that you can get, and time is money. Clients are money and you must keep them in the fold. You can’t afford to not have an online presence and you certainly can’t get online on your own without spending thousands of dollars. Call the PPH provider and ask for their 4-week free trial. Find out what you like and what you don’t. It’s time to start earning a fantastic and steady income.