Make Money on the Kentucky Derby with PPH Horse Racing Solutions

The first Saturday in May is reserved for the biggest horse betting event of the year. The annual Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky attracts quite a bit of betting attention from both sports and horse racing fans.

This race features the best-in-class or each year’s three-year old Thoroughbreds. Covering 1 ¼ miles on the dirt track at Churchill Downs, this race is often referred to as the most exciting two minutes in sports.

Through the help of a quality pay per head bookie services provider, you can turn a lucrative profit on the Kentucky Derby through your private bookmaking business.

Pay Per Head Racebook Solutions

As an added software feature of your weekly pay per head plan, you have the ability to offer your own online racebook for betting on horses. Many of the top-rated bookie solutions sites will include this option at no additional cost.

With your own online racebook, you can give each of your active betting customers easy access to the daily race card at horse racing tracks across all of North America and around the world.

Through the use of live parimutuel odds at each active race track, they can wager on the entire card to mirror the same experience at an actual land-based racing venue. Your PPH horse betting platform is designed with the use of advanced gaming technology coupled with sophisticated horse betting software solutions.

As a bookie agent, you can set up your PPH racebook to meet your specific business need by creating a list of available tracks and defining the range of horse betting markets offered. Working with a quality bookie software provider, you can take all of the guesswork out of running and managing your own professional racebook for betting horses.

Pay Per Head Fixed Odds Sportsbook Options

As a complement to your own parimutuel racebook for betting horses, you will also have the ability to expand your racing coverage with fixed-odds betting options through your PPH sportsbook.

The main benefit of fixed odds for horse races is the ability to lock in the betting odds when a wager is actually placed. This has proven to be a very popular feature for avid sports bettors looking to wager on the biggest horse races of the year.

By creating a horse racing section in your online sports betting platform, you can post betting odds for head-to-head matchups between entries. You can even add prop bet options covering different aspects of a race such as margin of victory and the OVER/UNDER on the winning time.

Working with your PPH service, you can offer an extended betting board for special events such as the Kentucky Derby. This is an excellent way to build your horse racing handle while also increasing your hold on that added betting volume.

The Kentucky Derby is an excellent way to engage your entire sports betting base as the first race of the annual Triple Crown series for three-year old Thoroughbreds. As one of the few year-round betting sports, horse racing offers major graded events every weekend of the year.

The best time to launch your PPH racebook is ahead of the Kentucky Derby as the biggest betting event of the year. This will give you a fast start out of the gate in creating an added stream of revenue that delivers additional profit every month of the year.