Know the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of a Pay Per Head Call Center

Anyone who is serious about running a personalized bookmaking business understands the value and importance of working with a quality ‘Pay per Head’ service to handle most of the administrative aspects of everything that goes into betting on sports.

The heart and soul of any of the top pay per head companies out there is its ‘Call Center’. Along with constantly upgrading software and other technology that is utilized on a daily basis to conduct business, the biggest investment any PPH service has is with the people they employ to not only deal with your business, but much more importantly, your business’s customers. The call center is the central nervous system of a PPH service; handling everything from payments, placing wagers, fielding questions or complaints to everything else that falls under the umbrella of customer service when it comes to helping you run and manage your bookmaking business.

When you employ a pay per head company like, you are placing your complete trust that it will treat your customers with the utmost courtesy, respect and patience that you have demonstrated in building up your business in the first place. One way to building that trusting bond is to get to know the actual workings of your PPH’s call center inside and out. This way you can rest assured that your customers are receiving the proper treatment with every interaction they engage upon under the guidelines of this service.

One of the first things you will want to access is the level of commitment your PPH service has towards its call center. Some of the bigger companies in the industry employ a staff of hundreds that work out of a sophisticated office complex complete with a bank of computers and television screens that continually update lines of upcoming events as well as track and monitor live lines for daily sporting events that are currently in progress. They also employ the use of a state-of-the-art VoIP phone system that ensures that any unforeseen downtime with your customer base will be kept to an absolute minimum.

There should also be separate office facilities to house the PPH’s graphic arts department that attends to its online presence through innovative web design that is constantly being updated with the most current information. As well as having trained professionals handling all the pressing needs of keeping the company’s website completely up to date, it should also employ IT professionals whose main responsibility is to protect the onsite encrypted servers and computer framework. Online security is of the utmost of importance when handling transactions of this nature and scale so every precaution possible should be put in place to prevent even the most minor breach of information. Finally, a PPH’s call center should be backed up with an alternate source of electricity such as generators in the event of a power outage. There should also be measures in place to prevent any disruption in internet services in order to maintain a constant two-way connection online.

Most PPH call centers like Realbookies are located in off-shore locations such as Costa Rica in Central America. This is done to ensure that any onsite transactions that do take place comply with the laws of the local authorities. This not only protects them as a licensed and regulated entity operating legally under local jurisdiction, it protects you as an independent betting agent as well as your customers.

As you can see, there is much more to a PPH call center than a bank of phone with people sitting around waiting for them to ring. If your current PPH provider does not exhibit the elevated level described above in terms of financial commitment and ongoing support for the proper operation of its call center, it is probably time to start shopping around for a new service.