Live Betting On Baseball Games

Have you ever been watching a baseball game and thought to yourself “I sure wish I could make a bet on the Home Team right now.” Well, with the live in game betting options offered with our pay per head software, your players can do just that.

Over the past few articles we have talked about baseball future bets and prop betting on baseball games. Now we want to explore how you can benefit from offering “live betting” to your players as a agent.

What is Live In Game Betting?

The concept is simple. In game betting allows you to bet on the game during the flow of a Major League Baseball game. The line changes between innings as the game progresses.

Live betting also offers lines during live at bats. This type of betting really benefits players that follow the flow of a Major League Baseball game.

If a team’s pitcher looks un-hittable, the line may shift towards that team. If a team takes a quick 2-0 lead, you will see some in game lines shift.

Example of Live Betting in Baseball

Let’s look at an example of how live betting works for baseball games. Before the Cubs vs. Mets game the Chicago Cubs are -150 favorites to win the game.

The game gets started and after three innings, the Cubs are winning 3-0 and look to be hitting the Met’s pitcher well. At this point, the line has adjusted and the Cubs are now -205 to win the game. Your players can bet on either team all the way through this game, getting adjusted odds based on the flow of the game.

Why is Live Betting Good for Agents?

Your players partaking in live betting for baseball games is perfect for you as a agent. You want more action! You want your players to make more bets.

The more baseball bets they make, the more juice you collect. With live betting options, players can make multiple bets over and over again during a game.

Warning for Agents

Definitely keep the maximum bet for live in game betting to a minimum. We’d recommend a 10% limit be put on all in game, live betting and prop betting for baseball.

This protects you from someone really cashing in big on a live baseball game. Keep the limits low to minimize any risk of getting crushed.

How to Get Your Players Started With Live Betting?

If you were to attempt to take live wagers without the help of a PPH site — it would be like suicide. Our software does all the work for you.

If you are not already, become a agent and get your PPH site setup. You can then let your players know that they can bet on baseball IN GAME as the flow of the game happens. How awesome is that for true baseball fans?