Live Golf Betting Offerings

Like most other big sports live betting is available for golf. Since golf is a slower game live betting allows players to make bets for the entire round. This is good for you being a agent, as you can get in touch with your gold bettors and let them know that live betting is available to them. Live betting for golf is just another betting option for the sport and it is important that you relay the information to your players on how many betting options they have so they can make more bets and you can get more juice. Live betting for golf is betting on the tournament as it is happening. Live betting for golf is available and through the software.

Live Golf Betting Explained

The name says it all as live betting for golf, also called in play betting, lets you make wagers on golf after the tournament has already started. The odds that are offered for live golf betting will change depending on how the tournament is going.

Here is an example of that. Let’s say that before a PGA tournament that Sergio Garcia has odds to win at +900, using a moneyline, to win in a tough field. In the first round he shoots well and gets off to a scorching start in round 2 and he takes a three-stroke lead. The odds for live betting will then reflect this and his odds may go down to +400. The odds for players to win a tournament for live betting will always change depending on how they are performing.

If you don’t want to lay money on a winner and don’t want to do so before the tournament begins this is where live betting is a solid wagering option. Mainly, live golf betting deals with the outright winner, but there are some books that allow it for prop bets as of well, especially for the Majors. Live betting is exciting since you are wagering as the action is taking going on and unlike other sports there is a lot of time to make those wagers throughout a round.

As An Agent Live Golf Betting Is Good For You

As a bookie what you want is juice, as that will be what you pull in for a percentage that every wager made from your players. Live golf betting gives you the chance to get a lot of juice considering how many of those bets that can be made throughout a round and tournament. There are many kinds of golf wagers and live golf betting is just one, but players can make so many of them, which means there is more money to made by you. Live golf betting is something that you MUST tell your players about, as it is advantageous to you to do so.

An Agent Warning For Live Golf Betting

One thing, as an agent, you have to be wary of is that with a number of live golf bets that can be made you have to protect yourself so you do not lose your shirt. It is a good idea in this type of golf wager that you keep the maximum bet to a minimum amount. For live golf bets, as well as proposition bets for that matter, it is a good idea, and recommended, that you have a 10% cap on that bet. This will give you protection from losing big if a player in your fold hits a big bet. Keeping the max live bet to a minimum will keep the flow going and not take a big chunk of your earnings if you get a player that hits a live bet or even a few of them.

Using a PPH Site

Saying that an agent that takes live golf bets by not using a PPH website is a bad idea is like saying Rory McIlroy is a decent golfer. Yeah, major understatement. Not using a PPH website is a worse than bad idea. The software that is in place for you as an agent makes live golf betting very easy to do and very safe. If you are not a agent it is very simple to become one and then you can get a PPH website and that will allow you not only to take golf wagers, but wagers in general where you make a percentage of every single one made.

Live betting, not just for golf, has really grown in popularity over the last few years and you need to get on that action and more to the point get your players in on it. Giving your players that make bets through you all the information on all the golf bets can be made gives you the chance to make more money. This is why getting your players in on the live golf betting bandwagon is a must.