Live Help With Real Bookies LiveZilla

To say we live in a fast-paced society is a major understatement. One virtue that has taken a real beating in this environment is patience. Major advances in technology as well as highly sophisticated software applications have led to this quickened pace of life as we know it. However, there is clearly no turning back.

When it comes to the business world, some companies have thrived in these changing times because of their willingness to embrace change and quickly adapt. Other companies stuck in the past eventually fade away.

Real Bookies has maintained its status as a top-rated pay per head bookie services provider since the site was first launched more than 20 years ago. Owned and operated by an industry pioneer with an innovative vision, this site has consistently stayed way ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry.

Through state-of-the-art software products backed by world class service, Real Bookies continues to set the pace in a highly competitive business environment. This is why thousands of bookie agents have turned to this pay per head site for help running and managing an independent bookmaking operation.

If you are looking to start your own private bookie business or currently running one with another PPH service, now is the time to contact Real Bookies.

Filling out a simple online registration is all you need to get started. Your own personal account manager will walk you through the rest of the process to start taking bets online.

Real Bookies Live Help Options

In today’s highly automated world, online communication is the primary way to reach customer support. Real Bookies also realizes that actual person-to-person contact is still important.

Through the use of a toll-free number, you can work directly with a highly trained customer service representative to cover any questions that may arise.

There is also a company email address that can be used for answers covering less pressing matters. You can also send text messages for business support along with one-on-one chat.

The latest addition to the lineup is live help support through a communication option referred to as LiveZilla. This option will pop up whenever you visit the Real Bookies company website. Simply add your Agent name, actual name, email address and detailed question into the Leave Message form. Press the “leave message” box at the bottom of the form and it will be sent to the Real Bookies business support team.

Many times, the response time using this live help option is instant. Other times, the wait is still really short.
This is a genuine sign that Real Bookies is committed to helping you in anyway it can. Whether it is a technical question concerning the mechanics of the software or you are seeking advice from an in-house sports betting expert, the entire business support team is consistently by your side.

Real Bookies Value-Added Benefits

Whether it is answering quick questions via LiveZilla or helping you build out your betting board, Real Bookies offers genuine value in the products and services it offers. This, in turn, adds business value to the low weekly per head fees paid for each active betting customer.

As a private bookie, focusing on what you pay in weekly per head fees is not as nearly as important as focusing on what you get in return for that business cost.