Live In-Game Sports Betting

There is nothing more exciting for an avid sports bettor than having the opportunity to wager on a game in progress. From the opening kickoff, tip-off or pitch, the conditions on the field or court will constantly change and so will the future betting odds to reflect on what has already taken place.

Live in-game betting can be fast and furious and it can also be a great way for an independent sports bookmaker to build the bottom-line profit of your operation.

One of the most important aspects of your ability to make the most of this betting opportunity as a private bookie is to align yourself with a quality Pay Per Head service like Realbookies that has the right sportsbook software solutions to meet the technical needs of booking live in-game bets. This is one of the fastest growing segments of the online sports betting industry so you should switch to Realbookies which has made the necessary investment in both time and money as it pertains to its online operating system’s capability

This especially pertains to the of proper handling all the online transactions associated with taking action on a game in progress.
Reliability of service is an obvious factor since nobody is able to place on online bet on a system that is offline due to unanticipated downtime.

You need a PPH service with not only a very high level of redundancy across its entire database, but one that has an upgraded operating system with backup capabilities firmly in place. You also need online sports gambling software that is built with the necessary security measures that ensure that every transaction that is processed is done so in a safe and secure manner.

Once you have found the right Pay Per Head service to handle your needs for live in-game betting, then it is up to you to spread the word across your existing customer base as well as in your overall marketing efforts when it comes to attracting new sports bettor’s to your bookmaking operation.

You are constantly competing against the big offshore sportsbooks operating online that will go to great lengths to attract bettors to their site through enhanced live betting capabilities. The best PPH sportsbook management solutions are designed to bring you live in-game betting lines you need for every game, every day of the year.

It may take some time and additional effort on your part to properly promote the live in-game betting aspect of your business, but the potential boost in revenue is well worth it. Even during the slower sports months of summer, you can still capitalize of live in-game betting for sports such as Major League Baseball as well as with many of the soccer leagues around the globe that are in action that particular time of the year.

Another important aspect of your Pay Per Head provider’s software system is the ability to move your own betting lines and change your offerings to best suit your business needs. This capability should also be part of the weekly price per head fee you are paying for your active betting customers and not added-in as a line item cost.

As an independent sports bookmaker, you always need to keep a close handle on your fixed business costs, which is why a quality Pay Per Head service that keeps its charges low with no hidden fees or costs can be the best business partner in the world.

If you are already paying a weekly fee for an active betting customer, why not try and make the most of their online betting activity through the added excitement of live in-game betting.