Major Golf Tournaments Offered

In golf the major tournaments are pretty simple to find since they are called the Majors. There are other major tournaments such as the FedEx Championships and Bay Hill, but the bigger tournaments that also have the most betting action are the Majors.

The Majors have the most proposition bets as well since, well, they are the major tournaments! The Majors are held for the three major tours for the PGA (men), LPGA (women), and the Champions Tour (50 years of age and older).

As a client you have to know all the Majors, which I will touch on in the article, and know all the golf betting options that you can offer your players. All pro golf tournaments will have betting action for all of the tours the world over, for the most part, but the Majors have the most betting action, by far. This is also the case for bonuses and promotions, as for the Majors many online sportsbooks will have them available for those big tournaments. It is key that you keep in touch with your players that wager on golf letting them know all of their betting options. The more bets that your players make the more juice you will get and that is the name of the game, as you make a percentage of every single wager made.

The Majors

There are Majors for the three main U.S. tours and you have to be aware of them since they have the most betting action. For the PGA the Majors are the U.S. Open, British Open, the PGA Championship, and The Masters. For the LPGA the Majors are the ANA Inspiration, Women’s PGA Championship, U.S. Women’s Open, Women’s British Open, and The Evian Championship. For the Champions Tour the Majors are the The Tradition, Senior PGA Championship, Senior Players Championship, U.S. Senior Open, and the Senior Open Championship.

Golf is such a popular sports these days, as well as a popular betting sport, that, especially for the PGA, there are a lot of betting options for every tournament. However, as stated before, the betting options are much more plentiful for the Majors, especially for the four on the PGA Tour.

You need to be aware that for the Majors all of the top players will play if they can. Because of this the odds are different with the best in the world taking place in them. For example if there is a tournament where many of the top players are not playing, but a top player like Rory McIlroy is participating the odds for him winning will not be as favorable as it would be for, let’s say, The Masters.

You have to do a little research as an agent to find out the various betting options for golf tournaments and this is especially the case for the Majors. Find out how your players like to bet and let them know their options accordingly.

For example, if you have golf bettor that likes to make proposition bets then the Majors are THE tournaments to bet on with all the prop bets available. The more you know your players and their betting tendencies the more you can cater to them in the wagers they want to make.

By doing this they can bet more, which will simply make you more money with the more juice you will get. Getting your players to make bets on golf is the name of the game in you getting all the juice you can. By arming your players with all the information available in terms of their golf betting options the more likely it is they will make more bets through you.

The Majors are the top golf tournaments in the world and they have the most betting action. Take advantage of this and let your players know the many, many golf betting options that are available for the Majors.