Make More Money With Real Bookies NFL In-Game Betting

The NFL takes center stage as the biggest professional betting league on the board. As a private bookie, this is the time of the year when you will make the majority of your yearly income. NFL betting is so big that some private bookies base their entire operation on 17 weeks of regular season games and a postseason that leads up to the biggest single betting day of the year, Super Bowl Sunday.

A great way to enhance the profit you bring in on the NFL is teaming up with Real Bookies for all of your online sports betting software needs. This pay per head site offers a comprehensive bookie services package that is turnkey to implement.

Simply sign on with the site and your designated Real Bookies’ account manager will walk you through the process of going live. Your betting customers will appreciate the easy-to-use online betting platform and you will appreciate the high level of business support that is included in your weekly per head fees.

Cash In on In-Game Betting

Live in-game wagering is the most exciting way to add even more action to a NFL game. It all starts after the opening kickoff and new betting options are added to the board all game long. Real Bookies live wagering software will update the betting lines during natural commercial breaks in the game. Spreads and totals are expertly adjusted based on what has already taken place.

If the underdog takes an early lead, your bettors may look to hedge any bets on they already made on the favorite. Any hedge bets work in your favor by further balancing things for either side. A fast start by the favorite could trigger some double-down bets but they will be at a higher spread.

Professional bettors understand the concept of all four quarters form a complete game. Recreational bettors are led by pure emotion and adrenaline. Live in-game betting is a great way to capitalize on this fact.

As a private bookie, you understand that it is far more profitable to increase the handle of your current betting base as opposed to increasing the actual size of that base. Real Bookies only charges the weekly per head fee for active bettors. Higher handles from fewer players is a cost-saving strategy.

Live In-Game NFL Betting as a Marketing Tool

Maybe you are looking to expand your NFL betting base. Live-in game betting options can act as an excellent marketing tool to attract new customers.

How you decide to build out your betting board is entirely at your discretion. You can go as big as you want to level the playing field against the big commercial online books you still have to compete against. You can target specific NFL games with expanded in-game betting options.

Once you establish a set strategy for your live in-game NFL board, you can use all your various marketing avenues to promote each week. This can range from targeted social media campaigns to word of mouth advertising through your existing customer base. You can even add a referral incentive just for new in-game betting customers.

Real Bookies can help you establish a highly professional online business presence. The site’s advanced mobile betting platform is another attractive feature that can be used to market your entire bookmaking operation.