Make the Most of the NBA & NHL Postseason With Pay Per Head

As the calendar turns the page to May, both the NBA and the NHL are gearing up for their second season in the playoffs. As a private bookie, it is time to formulate your marketing plan to capitalize on the increased betting action during the most exciting time of the year for these two US pro sports leagues.

The best way to make the most of this opportunity is by partnering with a top-rated pay per head bookie services site that can help you build out your betting board for all the games.

Each league offers a series of best-of-seven rounds as part of its playoff format. The top 10 teams in each NBA conference will battle it out for a spot in this season’s NBA Finals between the East and West champs.

The NHL will stage a four team battle in each of its four divisions. The four division winners will then be re-seeded with the top team playing the fourth seed in one semifinal matchup while No. 2 and No. 3 face one another in the other best-of-seven semifinal showdown. The winners of those two series will play one another in the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals.

Offer More NBA & NHL Betting Options With Pay Per Head

Today’s top-rated pay per head sites rely on a combination of in-house sports betting experts and external oddsmaking services to come up with a wide variety of betting options for every sport and sporting event.

PPH sites fully understand the need to level the playing field for private bookies when it comes to competing with a commercial sportsbook betting board. While you will always have complete control over your betting board, you will want to make sure that you are meeting each of your betting customer’s needs.

This is especially true when the NBA and NHL playoffs start to draw more interest from bettors. This season’s playoff run to a NBA or NHL title has the potential to produce a much higher betting handle in light of last year’s abbreviated schedule.

One of the biggest betting opportunities pay per head sites bring to the mix is live in-game wagering. Nothing is more exciting then placing a few timely bets on a game after it has gotten underway.

Working with the right PPH site, this is also an excellent way to increase your daily and weekly handle on NBA and NHL games without having to increase your overall customer base. The increased handle should lead to a bigger hold without the added pay per head costs.

Marketing Your Bookie Business With Pay Per Head

If you are looking to increase your overall betting base for the NBA and NHL postseason, your PPH service can help your reach a wider online audience of potential betting customers.

By working closely with your provider’s internal IT staff, you can enhance the professional online presence of your bookie business. You can also attract more attention with an expanded offering of betting options.
Today’s avid sports bettors are looking for the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that you can provide and the commercial books can never match.

The combination of a first-rate online betting portal with mobile wagering capabilities and a built-out betting board for NBA and NHL playoff games will create a strong marketing presence for your entire bookie operation.