Make the Most of the Upcoming NBA Postseason With Real Bookies

The second season in the NBA is slated to start on Tuesday, May 18 with action in the play-in round of the playoffs. This season, the top 10 teams in each conference will compete against one another for a trip to the best-of-seven 2021 NBA Finals.

The expanded postseason format adds even more betting opportunities on NBA games over the next few months. As a private bookie taking betting action on the games, now is the time to add Real Bookies to your winning roster.

Based in Costa Rica, Real Bookies has been helping independent bookmakers just like yourself fully automate your business while running it online for more than 20 years. Through a comprehensive pay per head bookie software package, you will have easy access to everything you need to run and manage a successful bookie operation.

Real Bookies Turnkey Approach to Operations

Real Bookies employs a professional in-house IT staff and uses proprietary online gambling software solutions. This has made its pay per head bookie services package turnkey in its application. This translates to instant set-up with the help of a dedicated account manager. Their job is to walk you through the start-up process so you can be booking bets online the same day you sign on with Real Bookies.

This package also includes easy to navigate software for you as the bookie agent and for all of your active betting customers. Placing bets online or through a advanced mobile betting platform has never been easier to do.

Best of all, Real Bookies has always invested heavily in its own internal operating system. This has created a high level of reliability that guarantees your bookie business will remain up and running online every hour of the day, every day of the year.

There is also a deep level of security in this system to process every online transaction in a safe and secure manner.

Real Bookies Extended NBA Betting Board

While you are always in complete control of your betting board, Real Bookies in-house team of sports betting experts can provide fast and easy access to sharp NBA betting lines for a wide variety of betting options.

The primary goal is to completely level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks when it comes to your betting board. Why give even one customer a reason to look elsewhere for action that is not available through your bookie services?

The biggest benefit of offering an extended lineup of betting options for NBA playoff games is increasing your weekly handle and hold without increasing your active betting base. This keeps your weekly pay per head costs in check while increasing the net profit taken in.

NBA Playoffs Live In-Game Betting Options

If you are looking for a way to fully engage your entire sports betting base in this year’s NBA postseason run to a world title, Real Bookies offers the necessary software solution for betting the games live.

Betting lines are adjusted during natural breaks in the game to reflect what has already taken place on the court. You can also offer a series of “what happens next” betting scenarios for each side’s next possession. There is no better way to add even more excitement to playoff basketball than betting the games after the opening tip-off.