Make Your Own Lines

The Price Per Head (PPH) model of doing business is where the bookmaking industry is headed, taking the “local shop” and turning it into something strongly resembling a worldwide enterprise.

That is what we like to simulate for our agents, many of whom want the room to grow into something bigger.

They also like the spirit of freedom, because they want to exercise some control over the product that they present to their customer. And that involves being able to make changes as they see fit.

Well, if you enjoy customization of some of the facets of your operation, then the facilities of RealBookie are going to be right up your alley.

You have to remember something that is fundamentally very important, which is that despite what the line is as it is offered by the line service we use, yours may have to be different.

Keep in mind that the “line” itself, as it evolves, is, to a considerable degree, a reflection of the action that the event is attracting. If there is action overloaded on one side, that will tend to move the line.

Of course, that is the result of action generated by a certain constituency, which is where the line originates from. It may even be a pretty good mirror of public opinion in general.

Still, that doesn’t mean that the action that comes through your operation is going to be the same. You are dealing with a smaller sampling of the betting population, and so it may be more volatile than usual. So a big bet coming in on one side is going to have a greater impact on you, relatively speaking, than it would on a much larger operation. So if you are a very conscientious bookmaker (in the PPH industry you are, of course, referred to as an “agent”), you might use the opening line as it is posted by the leading line service (somebody like Don Best, for instance), but you will probably want to move your line according to the money you see.

The package offered by RealBookie allows you to do that. You can go into the “back end” and change the numbers on any event you need to. The event will be offered at that price, whether the player is wagering online or phoning in to the call center. Being able to change up your lines gives you an awful lot of control over your situation.

So does the ability to change the limits of your players. This is something RealBookie offers, and it brings with it a lot of latitude. Remember that your customers are going to be up and down throughout a given season or calendar year. And you are under an agreement to settle up with them at certain intervals. So their ability to pay you at any given time is important.

What we’re saying is that you don’t want them to get in too deep with you that you not only can’t get paid, but lose their future business as well. By the same token, you may have a few sharp players who have the ability to beat you, and you don’t want to leave yourself too exposed.

Those are just a couple of the reasons why it is useful to be able to impose individual limits on players, whether it be for a particular sport or on a particular single bet. And you may also want to have general policies when it comes to certain things, like the racebook option or specific games in the casino. You may not want to be exposed to much in that area either. RealBookie gives you real flexibility to be able to call your own shots, because frankly, that’s the way it should be.

Truly, if you want to offer the best possible wagering experience to your customer base, which will lead to that base getting larger and larger, going with PPH can really make that happen. Talk to someone at RealBookie about that right now. If you are already an agent with us, just login to your account and choose the agent tab, then click on the Agent Lines link. Please note this service is only available on our full website but not on our mobile interface.