Making Money in the Slow Season With Pay Per Head

The summer months can be brutal for a private bookmaking operation without the proper business plans in place. If you have not developed multiple streams of revenue through a diversified active betting base, you might not be around long enough to enjoy the benefits of a new football season in September.

The planning starts with the right pay per head bookie services provider. Even if you have gotten yourself in a current jam, making the switch now to a quality pay per head site can quickly turn things around.

Pay Per Head Summer Marketing Plans

One of the biggest ways the right PPH service can help turn things around is by providing fast and easy access to a wide variety of betting options. This can let you build your weekly betting handle and hold on that action without having to necessarily expand your active betting base.

By putting this plan into motion, your handle and hold increases while your pay per head weekly cost stays the same. This adds up to better cash flow and more net profit in your bottom line.

The right pay per head site can help you market this expanded betting board to your active betting base at no added cost. Giving your customers more betting options for the sports and sporting events that are available in the summer is bound to have a positive effect on daily and weekly sports betting volume.

Pay Per Head Multiple Revenue Streams

Working with a high-quality pay per head site can also enhance other aspects of your bookmaking services. For example, promoting a first-class online racebook solution is bound to increase the action coming in on horse betting. The summer is an excellent time to build volume for your online racebook with a number of tracks running live daily race cards.

The best PPH sites offer horse betting solutions that cover every major track in North America as well as horse racing hot spots in the UK, France, Australia, Japan and Dubai.

Daily betting volume on horse racing can fill in some of the gaps that start to exist in the overall betting schedule during July and August. If you can develop a separate revenue stream for horse racing, your racebook can become a money-making proposition on a year-round basis.

Online casino gambling is big business these days. The right bookie services provider can help you capitalize on this added revenue stream when the sports betting volume starts to drop off.

Today’s online casino software solutions are impressive to say the least. As a private bookie, you can offer easy access to authentic Las Vegas-style slots and digital table games. The biggest innovation in today’s online casino industry is live-dealer table games.

This application bridges the gap between table play at land-based casinos and online through a desktop, laptop or mobile handheld device. Real dealer table games are live-streamed through your pay per head provider on a 24/7 basis. In most cases, this service is already part of the weekly PPH fees you are paying to run your sportsbook and racebook online.

Every bookie knows that sports betting volume drops off in July and August ahead of the new football season. By turning to the right pay per head bookie services provider now, you can minimize the impacts of the traditional summer slowdown.