Making the Most of High Volume Betting Action With Pay Per Head

A new season in the NFL is underway. Private bookies now have all four of the biggest US professional leagues on the betting board at the same time. Also in the mix is college football. This season as been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic but it has not been cancelled.

Adding college football to the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB action takes some management skills as far as running your own bookmaking operation. With COVID-19 still a major factor, nothing is set in stone with any of the games currently on your board.

Back in August, MLB games were cancelled due to team infections. This has the potential to impact the NFL and especially the college ranks for the teams still playing their regular season. Even if the virus was not an issue, simply managing this high volume of action requires professional help.

Pay Per Head Bookie Management Solutions

If you are serious about running and managing your own book, it has to be automated. This does not mean using Quickbooks as an accounting tool. You need to find a quality pay per head bookie services site that offers the right online software solutions to get the job done right.

The primary benefit a pay per head site brings to the table is its operating system. This system will process every single online bet placed. This includes a mobile betting platform for smart phones and tablets. It also covers any bets placed by phone through an in-house call center.

The best in the business can guarantee 99.9 percent reliability in their online service. They can also guarantee that every single online transaction is conducted in a safe and secure fashion.

Working with a quality PPH service becomes a marketing tool for your bookie business. Your customers want the peace of mind that your online betting portal is up and running when they go to place a bet.

Pay Per Head Profitability Solutions

As a private bookie, one of your top priorities is to make money on the daily and weekly action coming in. A healthy hold percentage is the only way to reach and hopefully exceed the financial goals you have set for your bookie business.

Your pay per head package comes with fast and easy access to sharp betting lines for a wide variety of sports and sporting events. By leveling the playing field against the biggest commercial online sportsbooks, you will create a loyal betting base that will book all of their action with you.

You will also have the necessary tools to manage your betting board on a continual basis. Line movements across your entire betting base can be made instantly. You can also manage your business on an individual account basis as far as making changes to betting and credit limits.

Pay Per Head Customer Service Solutions

As mentioned, the top-rated pay per head sites employ an in-house customer service team that can assist both you and your customers with any questions or issues that may arise. This staff comes from a sports betting background. They also know exactly what it takes to run a private bookie business.

Other business support members include account managers, sports betting experts and a professional IT group. Working together, this is like adding a silent business partner that always keeps your best interest top of mind.