Making the Most of the NBA & NHL Postseason With Real Bookies

The 2020 sports calendar may have been turned upside down because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, there is a world of opportunity to make quite a bit of money right now as a private bookie. All four major betting sports are in action at the same time. This includes the conclusion of the title runs in the NBA and NHL.

Things have also been turned upside down from a competitive standpoint. Some of top favorites in each sport have already been eliminated from the postseason. In their place, there are a few teams looking to make history with an unexpected championship run.

The excitement on the court and ice presents a golden opportunity to cash-in on all the action as a private bookie. The best way to do this is by signing on with Real Bookies as your pay per head bookie services provider.

Banking on Real Bookies’ Experience

Real Bookies has been through quite a few championship runs over the years. Founded in Costa Rica more than two decades ago, this PPH site is a true pioneer in the online sports betting industry. Owned and operated by sports betting experts, Real Bookies is also a very successful innovator when it comes to online gambling software solutions.

The internal IT staff has already done all of the heavy lifting so you do not have to. Your software solutions package is comprehensive in its design. It is also turnkey in its application. When it comes to expanding your betting board for NBA and NHL betting action, the in-house team of betting experts will make sure that every betting line is delivered fast and sharp.

When it comes to managing your betting board, Real Bookies has you covered with any number of business tools. You can make instant edits across the board based on real time data. You can also make changes to betting and credit limits on an account by account basis.

These professional bookie tools are designed to always keep you out in front of the daily and weekly action coming in. Control is the name of the game as a private bookie. Having an advanced business dashboard can be thought of as your command control center.

Banking on Real Bookies’ Expertise

With more than two decades of experience comes a very high level of expertise in the products and services Real Bookies brings to the table. As a top-rated pay per head site, this team of experts is not about to rest on past accomplishments.

Real Bookies continues to lead the way with an internal operating system that would rival what the biggest commercial sportsbooks are using to power their online betting platforms.

With Real Bookies as your pay per head provider, you can always tap into this high level of expertise for continual business support. From account management to IT support and in-house customer service, the entire team at Real Bookies is there to help.

Banking on Real Bookies’ Commitment

Over the years, thousands of bookie agents just like yourself have turned to Real Bookies for its high level of experience and expertise. This team knows and understands that its future financial health and stability is directly tied to business success of the bookie agents they serve.

Partnering with Real Bookies is a true business partnership. This is like adding a silent business partner that always keeps your interests top of mind.