Managing Sports Betting’s ‘New Normal’ With Real Bookies

The coronavirus health crisis has coined a number of new phrases that are now ingrained in everyday society. One of those is ‘unprecedented times’ and another is the ‘new normal.’

It would be hard to argue against the fact that COVID-19 has been an unprecedented time in history. The way it has impacted every single aspect of everyday life, you would have to agree that a ‘new normal’ will begin to emerge from the ashes.

The new normal in the sports betting industry is going to involve a much higher level of unpredictability, at least in the short term. The new MLB season has just gotten underway and games have had to be cancelled due to increased cases of the coronavirus.

Building Real Bookie Control in an Uncontrollable Situation

Whether you are just starting out as a private bookie or you have been running your own book for quite some time, you already know just how important a high level of control can be to your overall bottom line.

You need a pay per head service like Real Bookies to raise that level of control as high as possible right now. This starts with fast and easy access to sharp, accurate betting lines. Now is not the time to float some soft lines for an avid sports betting base looking to hit home runs with their bets.

Changes to MLB starting rotations or a NHL team’s available goalies is going to be a way of life in the upcoming games. Changes to the starting lineup for any game on the daily or weekly board will be inevitable.

As safe as the MLB, NBA and NHL have tried to make things for players, coaches and the rest of the team staff, issues with COVID-19 are going to arise. As a bookie, you need access to real time information so you can instantly make any necessary adjustments. The new normal is all about keeping your entire betting board accurate and up to date.

Part of the control factor is tied to the betting and credit limits you decide to put into place. Most times, limits are set on an account by account basis to reflect different betting styles and habits. Real Bookies has the necessary tools to make instant edits based on real time business analytics as well as current conditions.

Gaining the Real Bookies Edge

Now is also not the time to discover everything you cannot do with your current pay per head software solutions package. For the past 20 years, Real Bookies has consistently invested in the products and services it offers.

As technology changes so does the need to adapt to those changes. Many pay per head sites are offering the same products and services they were five years ago. Through the use of in-house sports betting experts working with professional online gambling software specialists, Real Bookies is constantly tweaking things to keep its bookie agents way ahead of the rapidly changing industry curve.

This approach to business will only add more value to these products and services in the new normal every bookmaker has to face.

Once again, this is not the time to realize that your current PPH service cannot keep pace. Moving your business to Real Bookies now will pay some major dividends well down the road in these rapidly changing times.