March Madness Brackets: Gateway to New Clients and Winning Big

Post-Super Bowl Excitement with March Madness

With the Super Bowl behind us, it’s time to focus on one of the most thrilling events in college basketball – March Madness. Having an overarching competition throughout a sports season adds excitement and interest into it. The NCAA March Madness Bracket is an excellent opportunity for bookies to engage with their current players and also attract new ones.

Leveraging March Madness Brackets for Client Engagement

March Madness brackets are not just a contest; they are a powerful tool for client engagement. This section should explain how bookies can launch, market, and manage their own brackets, providing a fun and engaging betting experience for their clients.

A Strategic Opportunity for Attracting New Clients

Setting up a March Madness bracket is an excellent strategy to attract new customers. This section should delve into how hosting a bracket can introduce potential clients to various betting features, serving as a lead magnet for your betting services.

Customizing Your March Madness Bracket

There are numerous ways to set up a March Madness bracket, from cash prizes to specific deposit requirements. What you need to keep in mind is that you should create a unique and appealing bracket, tailored to your client base. You know your players, ask yourself what they would find most attractive and give them that.

Expert Support for Bracket Setup

For those unfamiliar with setting up March Madness brackets, assistance is available. At RealBookies, we run this bracket for our agents every year so if you have any questions you can always call in for assistance with the configuration.

Participate and Win in the Annual March Madness Bracket Contest

Bookies themselves have a chance to win in the annual March Madness bracket contest. We are always giving cash prices that help you towards your PPH fees; you also get bragging rights. It also brings back the fun of gambling into our agent’s lives; we know that sports betting is your business but that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying it too.

Getting Ready for March Madness

With March Madness on the horizon, it’s crucial to start preparing now. With this much time before the contest starts you should start thinking about your prize structure and the way in which you’ll let people know that you are running a MM Bracket. Set it up early and make the most of the event to attract new clients and provide a great betting experience.

Exclusive Benefits of Winning the March Madness Agent Contest

Winning the March Madness agent contest offers more than just cash prizes. It brings bragging rights and recognition within the community. There might even be a brand new loyalty program badge for it.


What makes March Madness brackets a great opportunity for bookies?

March Madness brackets offer an engaging way to attract new clients and enhance the betting experience for existing ones, leveraging one of college basketball’s most exciting events.

How can hosting a March Madness bracket attract new clients?

By setting up a March Madness bracket, bookies can showcase their betting platform’s features, attracting new clients who join to participate in the bracket.

What options are available for setting up a March Madness bracket?

Bookies can customize their March Madness brackets with various options, including cash prizes, deposit requirements, and unique rules to cater to their client base.

Is assistance available for setting up a March Madness bracket?

Yes, customer service agents are available to help bookies set up their March Madness brackets, offering guidance and support to ensure a successful setup.

What are the benefits of participating in the March Madness agent contest?

Participating in the agent contest offers the chance to win cash prizes, which can be used to cover operational costs, and earn recognition and bragging rights within the bookie community.