March Madness Contest

March Madness is a time of great fun and great profits in the bookmaking industry. Before the football season ends we want to let you know that this year we are going all out with TWO MM Bracket Pools; one for you and one for your players that we’ll be running.

These are the prizes that you’ll be competing for:
1st place: $1000
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $250
Dead last: $250

In the event of a tie, the winner will be declared by the earliest submission time.

Contest for You, this will be a Sweet 16 MM Bracket

How do you get entries?

You can start collecting entries on Monday, February 13th 2023 until March 19th.
1. An entry will be awarded for every $200 worth of service paid, and an extra entry will begiven for every $200 of service paid in advance.

2. You can get 2 additional entries if you make a USDT deposit
Entry submission will start after the 2nd round is over (March,19th) and end when the firstgame of the sweet 16 starts (March, 23rd).

Sweet 16 winner: 20 pts
Elite 8 winners: 30 pts
Final 4 winners: 40 pts
Championship game winner: 60 pts

Active agents that have a positive balance at the end of the tournament are eligible for a prize.

Contest for your Players, this will start at the round of 64.

We are launching this contest to help you retain players after the Superbowl. We’ll be letting your players know about the contest so they can make sure to qualify. This contest is run and paid by RealBookies, we’ll be paying out your players on USDT so everyone stays anonymous.

How do your players get entries?

1. Each player needs at least 10 graded bets from Feb 13th until March 12th to get their entry.

We’ll be giving out the following prizes among all players:
1st place: $1000
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $250

Scoring for players:
First Round winners: 3 pts
Second Round winners: 6 pts
Sweet 16 winners: 9 pts
Elite 8 winners: 12 pts
Final 4 winners: 15 pts
Championship Game winner: 18 pts

Your players will be able to submit their entries after Selection Sunday (March 12th) until the start of the first match on March 16th.

You can also run your own Bracket Pool:

As an added revenue stream during the NCAA basketball season you can organize pools among your players. Learn how to in this video: