Maryland: A Gambling State that Bookies Love

Maryland is close to it all. This state has the best of all worlds as they sit smack on the I-95 corridor. Baltimore is a gateway to New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, and all points north. The state sits directly above Virginia, is a day’s drive from Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, even Buffalo and down to basketball country in North Carolina. Baltimore rests in a mega-metropolis that makes up a busy nation’s capital along with the many large suburbs such as Towson, Middle River, Ellicott City, Columbia, Glen Burnie, then over to Gaithersburg, Rockville, Bethesda, Fairfax, and Alexandria.

No matter where you go within a 100-mile radius, you have city and loads of people that love to gamble in the casino and on sports. The entire metro area is also a highly regarded horse racing area with great venues such as Pimlico where the Preakness is held. Folks from Maryland love to gamble and they will go to great lengths to find the best places to do just that. Bookies are finding that Maryland is basically untapped, although the major online sportsbooks earn a huge living off this market, the local scene is dying out due to a lack of available local bookies that have an online presence.

What can the local bookie do?

  • Find an online presence: You must find it now. Time is running out and your clients are slowly drifting to the competition. The competition is not other local bookies, NO, the competition is well-established online sportsbooks that make depositing and gambling within 5-minutes, as easy as getting out of bed in the morning.
  • Your clients are being attacked by the competition and it’s a matter of time until they are eventually gone. What you must do is offer them exactly what they can find with any online venue. This is much easier than you may think it to be. Finding an online presence is not a difficult thing whatsoever and in fact, you can be online tomorrow with no cost and have a custom-built website for free.
  • The pay per head providers have come up with a white-label, turnkey ready, three-in-one package that includes the online sportsbook, the racebook as well as a Las Vegas-style casino. You get the complete package for around $7 per head and never more than $10.
  • What you get is software for bookies that is the online sportsbook and casino. The software is a program that’s desktop usable and comes with a state-of-the-art user interface and a top of the line wagering platform. Your clients will not only love you for the ease of use, but they will love you for thinking of them at 3:00 AM! No later- night phone calls. Now, you can set business hours and stick to your schedule. You do not need to be available at all hours of the day and night. Your website is available for your clients to bet at any time, 24/7.
  • What you do is accept deposits by your preferred method (the PPH can help you with this), then you set wagering limits as you see fit and you budget your money. The pay per head is a great tool for helping you set a workable budget that can be followed.
  • The PPH sets all of the daily lines and odds but leaves you with the controls. You will have complete say in the day-to-day operations of your sportsbook, casino, and racebook.
  • Having a casino is a great option for bookies. Sports gamblers love to gamble, and it doesn’t matter what’s in front of them. What matters is that it is indeed in front of them. The sportsbook can be marginal at times for the bookie and you need a backup plan, there is not a better backup plan than a great casino, along with a racebook that offers more than 70-tracks from around the world.

The high season is upon us, now is the time to think about finding a great pay per head and launching your online sportsbook. The price is right, and you get a free trial to boot. If you desire a six-figure income doing what you love, then don’t delay. Call the PPH now.