Massachusetts Loves Gambling | Bookies need Casinos Too

If you have never been to Massachusetts, then you simply do not know the passion of a Patriots fan. The New England Patriots have won at least 10-games per season since 2003. Tom Brady has played in – count them – 9-Super Bowls, he has won six of them and that’s a record. The Patriots have been king in New England for a very long time and Massachusetts bettors love to bet on their team. What’s great about this group of bettors? They have tunnel vision, they will bet the Patriots to a fault. Of course, the Patriots cover the spread more than not, however, good bettors know when they might have an edge betting against them. The Patriots win a lot of games, but they certainly don’t always cover the spread, and this means money in your pocket. You need these bettors and you want to keep them loyal. You need all of the sports fans in Massachusetts because they are all the same way – they bet the Celtics, the Bruins, and the Red Sox even when they know it’s a bad beat.

Online Casinos—

  • Why do you need an online casino? Let’s get right to it… As much as the fans from Massachusetts or any other state love to bet on their favorite teams, they grew tired of losing and decided to use the information age to help them. Indeed, this strategy has worked. It certainly doesn’t work all of the time and bookie can win big off of many different events, however, there is a wealth of information available to sports bettor that was never available 10-years ago and beyond. The bettors today are smart and they know how to beat the bookies. You must make a concession for this and you must have a backup plan.
  • Look at the city of Las Vegas. You will see the billion-dollar mega-resorts up and down the strip and what do you see? You see gamblers that have arrived from all over the world hoping to strike it rich; they almost never do. Gamblers rarely strike it rich in Vegas and here is why… They play in the casino where the house has an overwhelming advantage. The casino rarely loses and if they do, they make up the loss in a matter of minutes.
  • Las Vegas sportsbooks are marginal and they even dip into red numbers from time to time. This is normal. There are a few casino games that can be beaten by seasoned professionals, such as blackjack and poker. These are games that players can win if they have the experience. Even these players don’t win more often than the house. Sportsbook bettors often win and sometimes they win big. The bookies win a pile but at the end of more than a few big events, he bookie can face marginal times. The sportsbooks on the strip are carried by the casino. The casino has it’s back.
  • You must see this concept if you are going to earn a great income. You must offer a fantastic casino along with your online sportsbook. There is simply no excuse to not offer on with the amazing PPH prices. For around $7 per head, you can have an online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. The high season is here and the PPH providers are offering great deals and free trials.
  • The PPH bookie software is designed to do the bookies job. With a PPH you will have a personal assistant that literally performs the mundane, everyday tasks. You get accounting services, the PPH sets the daily lines and odds and they custom-build you a website with a .com address.
  • Your clients can now gamble 24/7 and the casino is a huge draw. Sports gamblers get bored and they tend to wander off. Keep them loyal with an outstanding casino.

We are in the thick of both the NFL and NCAA FB seasons. This year has been a wild ride but a good one for the online bookies. There isn’t a better time than now to get in and start earning a six-figure income. Stop the madness as a local bookie and get those Massachusetts clients in the fold. Your clients will love the change as will your bank account.