Building Your Business As A Master Agent

Given the ever growing popularity of betting on sports in both the United State and around the globe, there is a tremendous opportunity to cash-in on all the action as an independent bookmaker. You can take this business one step further by developing a Master Agent network that works hand-in-hand with their Sub Agents.

Today’s sophisticated sports betting software like the one used at and that is used by the top Pay Per Head services in the industry is designed to mirror the same betting system that the big online sportsbooks employ for their customers.

Partner Up

As an independent bookmaker, you can partner with Realbookies and promote a higher level of personalized customer service and attention to detail as the primary point of difference between what you have to offer verse those impersonal online books.

There are two ways you can go about running your bookmaking business. You can act as the primary agent for your customers which would entail a high level of daily hands-on management of the ongoing activity of your customer base through your Realbookies software system.

Master Agent

The other option is to become what is known in the industry as a “Master Agent” by creating a network of “Sub-Agents” that handle most of that day-to-day individual customer activity.

The primary benefit of becoming a Master Agent is the ability to free-up much more of your time to continually build this network of Sub Agents. You will have a much lower level of interaction with actual players on a daily basis as this task will be primarily handled by the Sub Agent.

Your job is to manage the big picture through a series or business reports that track the entire operation in terms of overall action and potential exposure across the whole system.

Gaining access to this extremely important and valuable information is where your pay per head service really earns their per head fees though all the tracking reports their software can generate in the backend of their website.

Business Reports

These sophisticated business reports are designed to break things down by each individual Sub Agent’s customer base as well as roll-up the numbers for your entire bookmaking business.

The primary risk that you carry as a Master Agent is acting as the bankroll for your entire network of Sub Agents. The risk of exposure will fall on your shoulders not theirs given that their primary responsibility is to manage their players, while yours is to manage the daily, weekly and monthly activity of the entire operation.

Your primary role as a Master Agent is to payout any commissions earned by your Sub Agents for the action they bring in. These commission rates can range anywhere from 10 to 35 percent based on the agreement that is set-up between both parties.

Some Master Agents have been known to payout commissions as high as 50 percent based upon the performance of the Sub Agent’s client list.

Once you decide to take on the role of Master Agent, it is up to you to develop a solid team of Sub Agents that you feel comfortable working with on a regular basis. There are no prerequisites for becoming a Sub Agent and they can come from all walks of life.

Many Master Agents built their network by turning to their best players that were interested in supplementing their own betting bankroll by working with some customers of their own.

Building a bookmaking business from the ground-up through various grass roots marketing efforts is an excellent way to take your bookmaking business to the next level as a Master Agent working with Sub Agents.

It is always better to first know someone as a friend or close acquaintance before going into business with them. This way you can completely explain the ground rules that go into developing a strong Master Agent/Sub Agent relationship.