Maximize the use of Agent Alerts

Agent alerts are one of the features of a pay per head bookmaking solution. This is a real-time message informing you of every bet placed by a player.

Managing an online bookie can be challenging. You must utilize all the available tools to stay ahead of the curve. By getting and using agent alerts, you can take advantage of the situation by implementing the correct measures.

Agent alerts are crucial to your business success. This tool is one of the features you need to play on the same level as prominent sportsbooks.

Ideally, big-brand sportsbooks have the upper hand. They have resources to help attract new players. But, you can gain the advantage by paying attention to details.

In other words, you can use agent alerts to understand your clients. Then, you can design your offerings to appeal to your clients while still making good profits.

Telegram Alerts

At RealBookies we are always looking for ways to protect your privacy, which is why we now have the option of alerts through Telegram. This is an app that takes security seriously and your communications stay private. Additionally, this method is free of charge. In the description you’ll find a link to a step by step guide to activate this superior option.

Here is why you need to have alerts:

Example 1

Suppose you have received ten bets on team A and five on team B. You can look at the wagered amounts on both teams to determine whether your books are balanced.

You can change the situation to your advantage if more money is on Team A than B. How?

With every bet alert, you learn how much a player wagered on which team. After several alerts, you will tell how much money has been wagered on each team.

This information could mean several things. You could disable betting on team A and increase the odds for team B to encourage more betting on the group.

Example 2

Suppose your client list is growing. You may not have set the bet limit for every new player.

A bet alert can show you that a certain player has placed a big bet. For example, the client may have wagered $2,000 or more, an amount you cannot afford to pay.

The bet alert of this wager will remind you to set the bet and withdrawal limit for the player. You can implement other restrictions and perform other tasks to advance your business.

How to Get Agent Alerts

There are several ways to receive agent alerts. You cannot always stare at your screen for hours or refresh your website after every few seconds.

Instead, you can get alerts from convenient communication channels. These include Telegram, SMS, and emails. You must partner with a pay per head bookmaking solution provider to get this tool.

Agent alert tool is incorporated into RealBookies bookie software to help agents get real-time notifications. That way, agents can apply the right action depending on a player’s action. Reach out to the managers at RealBookies to find out how you can benefit from agent alerts.