May’s Indianapolis 500 Pay Per Head Betting Solutions

Along with the early action in the new MLB regular season, the month of May features daily betting action in both the NBA and NHL playoffs.

The month of May also features some huge single-day sports betting events. Early May is highlighted by the Kentucky Derby. Professional golf’s PGA Championship is staged later in May as this sport’s second Major tournament of the year.

May goes out with a bang during the Memorial Day Holiday weekend with the annual running of the Indy 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana on Sunday afternoon.

Pay Per Head Indy 500 Betting Solutions

Private bookies looking to fully capitalize on the premier auto racing betting event of the year can turn to any of the top-rated pay per head sites for a full array of betting lines and odds. A quality PPH service can also provide a high level of in-house business support to make the most of every big sports betting event on the year-round calendar.

The Indy 500 features the best car drivers in the world competing at the iconic Brickyard at Indianapolis. This is the type of sports betting event that offers widescale appeal to your customers that may not necessarily have an interest in betting on motor sports in general.

By building a larger weekly betting handle around the Indy 500, your PPH site can also help you build a higher hold on that added volume. Additional betting markets can be used to attract more action and sharp betting lines can increase your bottom-line profit.

Pay Per Head Indy 500 Betting Markets

The most common way that your customers will bet on this year’s Indy 500 is by wagering on the outright winner. An offshoot to this basic bet is posted odds for a finish inside the top three cars.

The easiest way to increase the weekly handle and hold is through betting odds on head-to-head matchups. This Indy 500 market pits one driver against the other. A winning bet is graded as the driver with best finish between the two.

Given the fact that 33 different drivers compete in the Indy 500 each year, this sets up a wide range of potential head-to-head matchup odds. The more the better and the right PPH bookie services can help you create a stand-alone betting board filled with a full complement of head-to-head Indy 500 betting options.

Another highly popular betting market for the Indy 500 contain an extended list of race day props covering every possible aspect this event. Pole position props, lead changes and finishing positions are just a few of the ways betting props can be formed.

Once again, the in-house sports betting experts at your PPH site can help you formulate an Indy 500 betting board that will completely level the playing field against anything the big commercial sportsbooks have to offer.

Pay Per Head Sports Betting Solutions

Your suite of bookie software tools can be used to properly manage your betting board to maximize your overall hold on the added betting volume taken in.

Today’s highest-rated pay per head providers take a comprehensive approach to their weekly bookie services plan. By offering a package that provides everything you need to run and manage your bookie business, you can make the most out of your overall efforts.